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WATCH: Fortnite Pro 'SerpentAU' exposed for using Aimbot and Macros

  • The Fortnite Pro has been accused of scamming over 32 million Youtube views by misleading viewers.
  • SerpentAU has not responded to any accusations so far.
Modified 07 Jun 2020, 00:39 IST
Fortnite pro
Fortnite pro 'SerpentAU' has been accused of hacking (Image Credits:Koooooomar)

SerpentAU, a Fortnite pro, has been accused of scamming over 32 million Youtube views.

The player in question belongs to the 'Oceania' region and is well known for his lightning speed edits and inhumane flick shots. His world came crashing down when a Youtuber titled 'EJLad' rolled out a video exposing the Fortnite player for using macros and aimbot, primarily with the aim of gaining popularity on Youtube and other social platforms.

To make it easier for readers who aren't aware of the terminology:

Macros: According to a definition by MMOauctions, a macro is an algorithm inputting a certain set of commands in order to automate activities or implementing changes into the file without user interaction.

Aimbot: An aimbot is a software tool that allows players to shoot enemies without having to aim their weapon in a video game.

EJLad's tweet suggested he had no clue that 'Serpent also used aimbot'. The Youtuber, while investigating the player for using macros, seems to have stumbled upon evidence that eventually led up to him exposing Serpent for both 'Aimbotting and Marcos'

The video, which was uploaded 20 hours ago, has garnered over 200,000 views in a short period of time.


Furthermore at the 7-minute mark, he goes on to reveal various screenshots of Serpent in talks with another individual on twitter. At the beginning of their chat history, Serpent asks the person 'what a macro' is. 

 His interest quickly spikes when the user on the other end sends him a video, showcasing how macros could help build and edit Fortnite structures at god-like speed with minimal effort.

Twitter Chat reveals Serpent and Anonymous discussing Macros

The next part of EJLad's video attempts to match the timelines between Serpent's next YouTube video with when he first acquired the macros. 

According to the twitter chat, Serpent laid his hands on the macros on 4th of September for the first time. Sure enough, on September 15th, eleven days later, the Fortnite pro uploaded a video showcasing edits and builds that seem humanly impossible. Here is the video in question.

13:50 Minute mark - Aimbot accusations

As the video moves forward, EJLad, shifts the narrative from macros to Aimbot; a much more serious offence in Fortnite which could result in a permanent ban from Epic. *flashbacks of FaZe Jarvis*

Here is a frame-by-frame breakdown of the clip

EJ seems convinced that Serpent's 360-degree flick shots are not flicks at all. He points out that the accused Fortnite pro does not rotate a full 360 before hitting his shots. 

When the video plays frame by frame, you can observe Serpent turning halfway, and then quickly turning back around before he shoots his opponent. Many viewers point this out as an 'obvious aimlock' feature that most aimbots provide.

Published 07 Jun 2020, 00:37 IST
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