"We play a lot of CS: GO together": Current NBA MVP Nikola Jokic on his gaming relationship with Chicago Bulls center Nikola Vucevic

Nikola Jokic revealed that he plays Counter-Striker with fellow Center Vucevic. (Image via Sportskeeda)
Nikola Jokic revealed that he plays Counter-Striker with fellow Center Vucevic. (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Reigning NBA MVP and Denver Nuggetsโ€™ Center Nikola Jokic revealed that he plays Counter-Strike regularly with Nikola Vucevic.

Nikola Jokic is a Serbian international who won his first NBA MVP award last season. Nikola Vucevic is in his second season for the Chicago Bulls and also plays as a Center.

Jokic was recently asked about his relationship with the 31-year old Nikola Vucevic, who is from Switzerland. The NBA MVP claimed he regularly plays Counter Strike with Vucevic.

Nikola Jokic on his relationship with Bulls center Nikola Vucevic: "We play Counter-Strike a lot together."

Nikola Jokic reveals that he plays Counter Strike with Nikola Vucevic

Reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic revealed during an interview that he plays Counter Strike regularly with Vucevic. The two big men have both had a successful time in the NBA recently. It now seems as if playing Counter Strike has helped the two players alleviate stress.

When asked about his relationship with Vucevic, the Serbian had the following to say:

"We play Counter-Strike a lot together.โ€
Image via r/GlobalOffensive, Reddit
Image via r/GlobalOffensive, Reddit
@ComplexSports You have two of the best defenders in the NBA but Nikola Jokic smokes parliament lights, plays counter strike till 4am while listening to darude-sandstorm and destroys you smh

Last season, Nikola Jokic won the NBA MVP award after single-handedly dragging the Denver Nuggets to the Playoffs. He helped them to a 4-2 victory in the first round against the Portland Trail Blazers. However, the Nuggets lost to eventual finalists Phoenix Suns in the second round of the Western Conference Playoffs.

On the other hand, Vucevicโ€™s Chicago Bulls failed to make it to the playoffs last season despite being in the easier Eastern Conference. This time around, the new-look Bulls have started the season brightly and are currently second in the Conference with a 16-8 record.

Nikola Jokic averaged 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds and 8.3 assists last season to take home the NBA MVP award. Vucevic also averaged a double-double last season and has been in solid form this time around.

They are two of the best centers in the league, and two of the few international players that currently play in the NBA.

Jokic competed with some top players such as Philadelphia 76ersโ€™ Joel Embiid and Golden State Warriorsโ€™s Stephen Curry for the NBA MVP award. It seems as if his gaming nights with Nikola Vucevic also helped the Serbian to a certain extent.

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