What are the 7 elements in Genshin Impact

7 elements in Genshin Impact (image via u/CappedPluto, Reddit)
7 elements in Genshin Impact (image via u/CappedPluto, Reddit)
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Apart from its vast open-world map and riveting gameplay mechanics, Genshin Impact also has a captivating storyline.

Being the most tweeted video game for the first half of 2021, Genshin Impact has become one of the best open-world RPG action games. It is free to play and is available on all major platforms.

Genshin Impact has over ten million+ downloads in the Play Store alone, and at least a million players log in every day. The game features a world named Teyvat consisting of 7 nations. Each nation is related to a different element.

All seven elements and their affiliated nations in Genshin Impact

The storyline of Genshin Impact starts with two siblings, Aether & Lumine, traveling around the universe when they landed on the Teyvat. Upon entering Teyvat, they encounter an unknown god who takes one of them.

After the fight, the other sibling wakes up with no memory. Only remembering that they need to reunite, they start their journey in Teyvat, discovering all seven nations in it.


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A God, also known as Archon, governs each nation in Genshin impact. Each nation is associated with an element and an idea corresponding to its Archon. Every element reacts with another element and triggers reactions causing special combat effects.

Some of the people in Teyvat have visions of specific elements, which gives them unique combat abilities. Below discussed are the seven elements and their corresponding nations.

#1 Mondstadt - Anemo element

Anemo represents wind with the word being a metaphor for freedom. Anemo creates Swirl reaction with Pyro/Hydro/Electro/Cryo elements. The reaction infuses the element with power and inflicts elemental damage while spreading the effect to nearby enemies.

Mondstadt City(image via hoyolab)
Mondstadt City(image via hoyolab)

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Mondstadt is the nation associated with the Anemo element. It is the first playable nation where players start their journey. Lord Barbatos is the Anemo Archon and God of Freedom who governs Mondstadt.

Holding the title of God of Freedom, Barbatos has left the citizens of Mondstadt to prosper on their own. Currently, the Knights of Favonious govern Mondstadt.

Barbatos resides in a human form named 'Venti', who acts as a bard. Mondstadt is famous for its wine industry.

#2 Liyue - Geo element

Geo represents solidarity. It reacts with Pyro/Hydro/Electro/Cryo elements to trigger Crystallize reaction. In the process, it produces a crystal of the reacted element, which can provide the corresponding elemental shield to players.

Liyue Harbour (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)
Liyue Harbour (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)

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Liyue is associated with the Geo element and is ruled by The Geo Archon, Morax. Also known as the God of Contracts, Morax oversees Liyue, with the country specializing in trade and commerce.

At present, Morax resides as a consultant named Zhongli. He is the only being responsible for minting the primary currency in Teyvat called Mora.

#3 Inazuma - Electro element

Electro represents eternity. Unlike Anemo & Geo, this element reacts differently with all other elements. Electro reacts to Pyro causing Overload, dealing immense AoE Pyro damage.

With Cryo, it causes Superconduct, which deals AoE Cryo damage and reduces opponents' physical resistance. Hydro and Electro together deal continuous Electro damage due to Electrocharge reaction.

Inazuma City (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)
Inazuma City (image via Genshin Impact Wiki)

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Inazuma is associated with the Electro element. Ruled by Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon, Inazuma is currently under lockdown and isolated from other nations.

Raiden Shogun, also known as Baal, believes Visions to be divine and deems ordinary beings unworthy of laying claim to it. She hunts vision wielders for her cause and aims to attain eternity through it.

#4 Sumeru - Dendro element

Dendro represents Wisdom. To date, its only known reaction has been the one with Pyro. Dendro ignites a continuous burning effect upon reacting with Pyro.

Sumeru as the nation of Wisdom(image via miHoYo)
Sumeru as the nation of Wisdom(image via miHoYo)

Sumeru is associated with the Dendro element. The Dendro Archon, who is also the God of Wisdom, is yet to be disclosed. Sumeru is known for its scholars who are brimming with great knowledge and wisdom.

#5 Fontaine - Hydro element

Hydro represents Justice. It reacts with Pyro to vaporize the opponents and deals 2x Hydro damage. If paired with Cryo, Hydro can also Freeze opponents. Upon reacting with Electro, players can deal immense damage due to Electrocharge.

Oceanid pet, Endora speaks of Fontaine (image via Jazzy Viper)
Oceanid pet, Endora speaks of Fontaine (image via Jazzy Viper)

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The nation associated with Hydro is called Fontaine. The Hydro Archon, who is yet to be revealed, is also the God of Justice. Fontaine boasts of its rich beauty and heritage in arts and culture.

#6 Natlan - Pyro element

Pyro represents Victory. It does Overload and Burn reactions with Electro and Dendro, respectively. Upon mixing with Hydro, Vaporize reactions occur, inflicting 1.5x Pyro damage. Coupled with that, the element deals 2x Pyro damage in Melt reaction.

Iansan, a character from Natlan (image via miHoYo)
Iansan, a character from Natlan (image via miHoYo)

Natlan is the nation associated with Pyro. Murata being the Pyro Archon, rules over Natlan. Also known as Lady of Fire, she is also the God of War. Along with that, the founder of Knights of Favonious, Vennessa, belongs to the same tribe as Murata.

#7 Snezhnaya - Cryo element

The ideal link for Cryo is yet to be discovered. Cryo does Melt, Freeze, and Superconduct with Pyro, Hydro, and Electro elements, respectively.

Still from Snezhnaya (image via miHoYo)
Still from Snezhnaya (image via miHoYo)

Snezhnaya is the nation associated with Cryo, whose ruler is known as The Tsaritsa. Players will find Tsaritsa's loyal followers as Fatui Harbingers in the game. She aims to gather all the Gnoses from the current Archons.

Gnoses are the primary power source of being an Elemental Archon. With that being said, the reason behind her goal is yet to be unveiled.


Among these seven nations presided a nation that was unrelated to any element. Known as Khaenri'ah, this nation was free from being possessed by any God or ideology. But soon doom fell upon it, and only a few remain to preserve the nation's history.

In the last Archon Quest, players get to know more about it and learn that Khaenri'ah is the root behind all the chaos in Teyvat. To discover the whole story of Teyvat, players need to travel across all nations and complete their journey.

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