What is Builder Base Clock Tower in Clash of Clans?

Builder Base Clock Tower in Clash of Clans (Image via Sportskeeda)
Builder Base Clock Tower in Clash of Clans (Image via Sportskeeda)

Clash of Clans is a free strategy game in which battles are fought with troops in two main bases which are Home Village and Builder Base. The Builder Base is one of the game's most recent additions, in which players engage in a real-time fight similar to Clash Royale. Builder Base has a variety of troops, defenses, and structures.

Clock Tower is a one-of-a-kind building in Builder Base that accelerates resource collectors, upgrades, construction, and research. Clock Tower can be built in Builder Base utilizing Master Builder, much like in Home Village.

Clock Towers in Clash of Clans explained

Clock Tower in Clash of Clans (Image via Sportskeeda)
Clock Tower in Clash of Clans (Image via Sportskeeda)

At Builder Hall Level 4, the Clock Tower is a building that can be restored. When engaged, the Clock Tower increases the speed of timers in the Builder Base by 10 times for a limited period. The Clock Tower can be upgraded to extend this duration.

The in-game description of Clock Tower is:

"The Clock Tower makes things happen faster in your village! Collect resources, research and build faster."

In appearance it looks like a run-of-the-mill tower with a clock on top that rotates clockwise. When boosted, the Clock Tower's hand spins incredibly quickly. Before it is fixed, the Clock Tower is classified as an obstruction and cannot be moved and attacking forces will be unable to strike it. It can be moved about freely once it has been rebuilt.

On rare occasions, the Clock Tower will offer a free boost. Once a free boost has been used up, there will be a 22-hour wait before the next one becomes available. If the Clock Tower isn't turned on, Gems can be used to turn it on. Clock Tower Potion can be used at any moment to increase the Clock Tower boost by 30 minutes.

The Clock Tower has no effect on the cooldown time of Versus Battle loot. It will reduce the time it takes for resource collectors, improvements, construction, and research. So, when upgrading something in the Builder Base, take advantage of the Clock Tower's ability.

Clock Tower statistics

When trying to remove obstacles, you can also employ the Clock Tower's boost, which will help you quickly remove obstacles. Clock Tower's statistics are as follows:

  • Clock Tower can max be upgraded to Level 9 where it has 2507 hitpoints and a boost duration of 30 minutes.
  • To upgrade Clock Tower to Level 9, you'll need 2700000 Builder Gold, a Level 9 Builder Hall, and 1 day 12 hours.
  • The upgrade to Level 9 of the Clock Tower gives you 360 experience.

Finally, using the Clock Tower in Builder Base can help you speed up upgrades, resources, and construction. Use the free boost to speed up the Clash of Clans Builder Base's processes.

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