What does the future hold for the Metal Gear Franchise as cumulative sales top 58 million?

The Metal Gear Series continues to be relevant (Image via Konami)
The Metal Gear Series continues to be relevant (Image via Konami)

The Metal Gear Franchise has been one of the most-celebrated series in video game history. Created by Hideo Kojima, the series has stretched from its beginnings in 1987, with the last title, Metal Gear Survive, having been released in 2018. Fans have relished these games throughout the years while following the historic franchise through its iterations.

Konami has recently declared that the cumulative sales of the Metal Gear Franchise have now topped 58 million copies. It celebrated the franchise's success in a financial report that was published on the corporate website. It only proves that there are fans of the franchise who are still showing love for vintage games and franchises they grew up with.


The Metal Gear series started way back in 1987 with Metal Gear which was designed for the MSX2 platform. Konami pulled both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 from sale back in November due to licensing issues with the archival footage used in the games, which is yet to be resolved.

It is interesting to note that Snake's escapades are worth only half of Konami tentpole series, eFootball, which was previously known as Pro Evolution Soccer which has racked up sales up to 112.5 million copies. The PES series was launched almost a decade after Metal Gear in 1987.

Rumors indicate the Metal Gear Franchise might see the remake of Solid 3 in the future


It is also rumored that Hideo Kojima is reportedly consulting on the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake that may be coming in the future. The leaker is Millie A who is a self professed industry analyst who has recently been corroborating reports that have their main concern as Konami.

The leaker stated that Kojima, the creator of the famous franchise is on board to help guide Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater's remake in an advisory role.

There was a report that Hideki Haykawa, the president of Konami, has made the decision to bring Kojima into the loop. Kojima will have an advisory role and not resume his duties as the franchise's creator. Konami hopes that Kojima's presence will bolster sales and appeal to older fans of the Metal Gear Franchise.

There is also a Metal Gear movie in the works with Jordan Vogt-Roberts at the helm and Oscar Isaac set to star as Solid Snake. It is certain that fans of the Metal Gear Franchise have a lot of things to look forward to.

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