Is there a release date for Ashes of Creation?

Image Via Intrepid Studios
Image Via Intrepid Studios

Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG with a lot of buzz behind it, and many players are wondering about the game's release date. However, that date is more complicated, as Intrepid Studios continue to work on their major MMORPG.

As of this article, Ashes of Creation is still in an initial alpha testing period. There are plans for extensive alphas and betas before the game is available in full on the market.

Though the game has technically been playable in an alpha test since May 14, it was not available to most of the public.

The current Ashes of Creation alpha is under NDA or non-disclosure agreements. That means the alpha is very exclusive and almost all of it is closed off to the public eye. However, that initial alpha is only running until July 9, after which a new phase of alpha testing will begin.

There is a lot more testing that Intrepid Studios is planning for Ashes of Creation, and a slight road map has been given. But due to the sheer volume of testing they have planned, even for the alpha phases, there has been no official release date just yet.

Players can still look for further testing dates to get their hands on the game, though, even if it isn't a full release.

Ashes of Creation release date and further alpha testing dates


The official release date for Ashes of Creation may not be available as the game is still developing, but players can still find a date to jump in and try the upcoming MMORPG.

July 9 is when the next alpha tests will begin, which is the same day that the initial test from May ends. The new alpha test will last two days until July 11 of 2021. This testing phase will be invite-only and is also an exclusive alpha phase for Ashes of Creation, but the difference is there will be no NDA this time around.

After July 11, yet another alpha testing phase will go live starting on July 14. This phase will last nearly a month until August 13, and will be more accessible than previous alpha tests.

It certainly won't be public, but Ashes of Creation players who have an alpha key will be able to participate in the tests. In the future, more alpha tests will be announced, and soon enough there will be beta test announcements as well.

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