When is Halo Infinite getting the Slayer playlist?

The Slayer playlist is finally coming to Halo Infinite (Image by Halo Infinite)
The Slayer playlist is finally coming to Halo Infinite (Image by Halo Infinite)
Suryadeepto Sengupta

The long-requested feature of a Slayer mode playlist is finally coming to Halo Infinite.

The latest iteration of Xbox’s flagship franchise has already become a fan favorite since its launch earlier this month. Halo Infinite is a fantastic title filled with balanced and fun gameplay, which, paired with the free-to-play aspect, makes the title irresistible. The game has received positive reviews across the board, including Sportskeeda.

A dedicated Slayer playlist feature has been one of the most requested features by players. In a recent Reddit post, a 343 officials announced that four new playlists, including Slayer, are finally coming to Halo Infinite on December 14.

Slayer playlists will be available in Halo Infinite from Tuesday, December 14

343 Industries employee Brian Jarad, aka ske7ch343, mentioned in the Reddit post over at r/halo:

On Tuesday, December 14, the service update will add in the four playlists for dedicated game modes. Based on previous experiences, players expect 343 to actively develop the feature and refine it over time.

Halo Infinite has gained popularity within weeks of its release. However, several key factors were missing from the title at launch. Aside from the Forge and Co-op campaigns, both coming down the line, a dedicated playlist has been one of the most requested features.

Currently, the quick play mode queues gamers for either one of the four modes: Oddball, Slayer, Stronghold, and Capture the Flag. Aside from Slayer, all of these modes require strong cooperation from teammates, which is often not the case in the solo queue.

However, having a Slayer-only playlist is an excellent addition for users who just want to play the Slayer mode, which requires virtually no team communication.


It is truly amazing to see a AAA developer listening to the community and making active changes to suit the gamers better. Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer, along with the campaign, is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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