When is the release date for voice chat in Roblox?

Voice chat was confirmed early in 2020 (Image via Roblox Corporation)
Voice chat was confirmed early in 2020 (Image via Roblox Corporation)
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While many of Roblox's games are developed by separate studios, major features like voice chat must be implemented by the Roblox Corporation developer. When voice chat is released, every game will have access to the feature if allowed, but the update is still missing from the game.

So far, there has been no news on the exact release date for voice chat in Roblox. But that doesn't mean plenty of clues haven't been left around for a potential release. On top of the clues, the voice chat feature itself has been confirmed. The update is a matter of when rather than if it will happen at all.

Voice chat in Roblox was confirmed at an investor day meeting held by the Roblox Corporation. During the meeting call, voice that was included as one of the major updates they were working towards for the platform. However, as mentioned before, a release date was left out of the statement. They only let investors know that it was on the way.

The investor day meeting for Roblox took place on February 26, 2021. In other words, the confirmation of a voice chat feature in Roblox was only formally confirmed 6 months ago. But there's more information about that development of voice chat that makes the release more intriguing.

What we know about voice chat in Roblox so far


While the Roblox Corporation hasn't said much about voice chat itself, there have been other reports that have brought more light to the feature.

Voice chat is a feature that has supposedly been in development for Roblox since 2019. It's been nearly two years for a voice chat feature, so of course fans are wondering what the long wait really is. This could be due to the age demographic of Roblox which has historically catered to an audience that was below the age of 13.

However, at the investor day meeting, it was confirmed that the majority of the player base is over the age of 13 at 56%. It could be the push that was needed to implement a voice chat for the game.

Using Roblox on Apple devices may even ask players to access their microphone in preparation for the voice chat update. No release date has been given, but that could mean the feature is right around the corner in Roblox. Hopefully it drops before 2021 comes to an end.

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