When is the Season 3 Nuke event in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Image Via Activision
Image Via Activision
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The Season 3 Nuke event for Call of Duty: Warzone has been highly anticipated for some time. Warzone players have been expecting the Nuke to come crashing down on Verdansk and bring with it a new map to play on.

It's been nearly a year since the rumors of Nukes have started when it comes to Warzone. Battle Royale players in general expect map changes to be the norm in the genre, and so far there haven't been many substantial changes to Verdanks since its release in March of 2020. The subway system was one of the most significant changes made and that was implemented in September of 2020.

A year later, Verdansk is largely the same, even after two seasons with Black Ops Cold War combined with Warzone. Players had hoped that the map would change with the release of Black Ops Cold War, but that wasn't the case. But all signs are pointing to the Nuke event finally happening in Warzone for Season 3.

What time will the Nuke event happen in Warzone Season 3?


The Nuke event in Warzone is supposed to bring a new map to the game and Verdansk may be changed forever. Players will need to leave the old map behind and start anew.

Warzone players can expect the Nuke event to start on Wednesday, April 21. It will happen at the same time around the world, but players should make sure the time is right according to where they live. The Nuke event should start at 3:00 pm EDT on the East Coast.

To participate, players should log in right before the event starts. About 10 to 5 minutes before should be enough time to get inside Warzone and see the event live. Like previous events, there should be a playlist that players can join and see the Nuke destroy Verdansk. Another hurdle to be mindful of is updates, and players should make sure their Warzone is updated before logging on.

Once the Nuke event starts and the missiles are launched, what comes next is still a mystery. There are conflicting reports for which map players will see in Warzone when all is said and done. Initially, the idea of the Ural Mountains being the next location was spread through some image leaks.

However, the other option could be a version of Verdansk that takes place in the 80's. Warzone players will learn everything after the Nuke event is over tomorrow.

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