When do you unlock Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark?

Chaos Dungeons are one of many endgame activities (Image via Smilegate)
Chaos Dungeons are one of many endgame activities (Image via Smilegate)

Lost Ark has several ways to continue playing after the main story, such as Chaos Dungeons.

Dungeons are an essential part of any MMORPG. It allows players to participate in raids with others and often rewards some of the most spectacular items or gifts found in the game.


Chaos Dungeons are where players want to go after reaching level 50 and finishing all of the main quests. Vern Castle is where this activity can be unlocked in Lost Ark.

How to access Chaos Dungeons in Lost Ark

A look at the Chaos Dungeon menu (Image via Smilegate)
A look at the Chaos Dungeon menu (Image via Smilegate)

This is one of the first post-story objectives available in the MMORPG. Accessing the Chaos Dungeons requires a player to be at level 50 and head to Vern Castle afterward.

Vern Castle can be found on the North Vern continent of Arkesia. There are several story quests indicated by blue markers on the island that need to be done before continuing.

The Lost Ark end game content has been a lot of fun. Between the Chaos Dungeons, and continued storyline, there is so much to do, and it all feels accessible. Progression feels obtainable.

This will have players speaking to several NPCs before finally coming across a Professor Ronatas. Interact with him to kickstart a conversation that ends with Chaos Dungeon access.

The statue found behind Professor Ronatas will change once the discussion is over. It will now have a symbol for Chaos Dungeons, marking it on the map and allowing you to access the dungeons through it.

Players can complete as many Chaos Dungeons runs per day as they'd like, but only the first two will grant any rewards. Keep that in mind when deciding whether to do them alone or with a party.

Hit 50 and started unlocking all the end game stuff. I’ve done a couple chaos dungeons and a guardian raid. Super fun. I need to get my gear score up for Abyss dungeons. I also got the Vern pass done and have 3 level 50s.

New Chaos Dungeons unlock when a character reaches a specific item level. There are various tiers with different rewards, but a minimum item level of 250 is required for the lowest ones.

Rewards for successful Chaos Dungeon runs in Lost Ark range from Boss Tickets and currency to accessories and gear. Each reward has its own percentage of dropping once the dungeon is completed.

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