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Where are Skye's coastal campsites in Fortnite

Skye in Fortnite
Skye in Fortnite
Modified 18 May 2020

Fortnite Chapter 2-Season 2 introduced a ton of new content for video game lovers. It introduced two top-secret factions, Ghost and Shadow. The factions fight each other in order to restore peace on the island. Players can buy the battle pass in order to unlock different secret agents like Brutus, Agent Peely, Maya, Midas, and Skye etc. to play and unlock secret challenges to complete.

They also introduced new points of interest for the players like the Agency which is related to this theme. Players can customize their agents according to their desires as the faction they choose will change the look of their agents. Every agent has their own set of challenges which can be completed. Skye has a set of challenges, among which there is a fairly medium level difficulty mission to complete in one game.

Watch this trailer of Season 2-Chapter 2 gameplay trailer by Fortnite.

Skye can be a member of Ghost or Shadow faction
Skye can be a member of Ghost or Shadow faction

The mission is to visit three Coastal Campsites. There are in total five coastal campsites. You can visit any three in order to complete the mission. All you need to do is visit any three of these locations and light a fire at the campsite. After completing the mission, you will receive 40,000 Season Experience points.

To make it easier for you to trace these locations, we have provided a map for you to decide a route which you are going to take so that you can complete the mission with maximum efficiency.

Use the grid code and refer nearby Fortnite landmarks for finding Skye's Coastal Campsites

Locations of spots to visit in order to complete the mission (Courtesy:Epic Games)
Locations of spots to visit in order to complete the mission (Courtesy:Epic Games)

A3: Northwest of Sweaty Sands, towards the end of the island

D1: North of Pleasant Park, straight north up the top of the island

H3: Southwest of Steamy Stacks, on a small beach with sand castles

H7: East of the icy mountains, near the water look for trees

D8: Southwest of Misty Meadows, towards the end of the island

Moreover, these challenges can earn you a lot of Experience Points which can be used to level up the battle pass and unlock even higher tier agents in Fortnite.

Epic Games also announced an official collaboration with Deadpool. Thus, there is a Deadpool-themed cruise ship in game and you can also buy the Deadpool skin and his set of funny emotes in the store.

Fortnite Season 2-Chapter 2 was however, extended till early June 2020. Speculations suggest that due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic has hurt the release date of the new season of Fortnite and it has been postponed to June 4 according to Epic Games.

Published 17 May 2020, 14:25 IST
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