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PUBG Mobile: Where to find the Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle: PUBG Mobile
Desert Eagle: PUBG Mobile
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 19 May 2020

The Desert Eagle, or the Deagle as it is known affectionately in the gaming community, has been one of the staples of shooters for the longest time. The Desert Eagle is one of the most feared weapons in any game, owing to its real-life counterpart being a formidable weapon as well. The case remains the same in PUBG Mobile.

The Desert Eagle has solidified its position as one of the most sought-after guns in the game, due to its ridiculous stopping power and mobility. Firing 3 rounds into your enemy might just be enough to down them when using the Desert Eagle.

However, the Desert Eagle has its drop-off damage as well, and the farther you move away from your target, the lesser damage you're going to be doing. But, as a strictly close range weapon, there is hardly any weapon in PUBG Mobile that can match up to the brutal efficiency of the Deagle.

Where can you find the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

The weapon is available in all matches, game modes, and maps. It can be frequently found in locations such as School Apartments, Pochinki and Severny.

The gun uses .45 ACP ammo- a common ammo type in the game that can be found very easily on any map. There are several benefits to using the Desert Eagle, such as:

  • It can act as an attachment holder for your Assault Rifles for later in the game, in case you are not comfortable with a strictly close-range weapon.
  • The magazine capacity can be extended up to 10 from 7, if you happen to have an extended mag in your loot.
  • The headshot damage is simply insane, meaning a couple of shots might be enough to down any enemies in sight.
  • The rate of fire is decent, and it can be easy to pop off shots from cover without too much delay in between.

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Published 19 May 2020, 16:17 IST
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