Where to find Minerva in Fallout 76

Image via Bethesda Softworks
Image via Bethesda Softworks

Minerva is one of many new NPCs in the Fallout 76 Steel Reign update that was recently added to the game. As the Brotherhood of Steel storyline comes to a close in the game, Minerva arrives as a new caravan member for players to interact with.

Considering legendary crafting and legendary power were added to the game, players will need a way to get their hands on some late-game items. One way to go about that is to use gold bullion, which is a currency in Fallout 76. The gold bullion vendors themselves can be elusive and even at times exclusive. Minerva happens to be one of those NPC vendors.

Unlike most characters in the game, Minerva is not constantly available to talk to and can only be found during certain time frames. On top of that hurdle, Minerva can spawn in different locations as well. However, there is a method to the madness, and finding Minerva shouldn't take too much effort.

When and where to find Minerva in Fallout 76


There are essentially two time frames or events in which players can find Minerva in Fallout 76. The events themselves have their own titles and are labeled as Minerva's Emporium and Merva's Big Sale, respectively.

Minerva's Emporium can be available in the game from Monday to Wednesday. And Minerva's Big Sale is available in Fallout 76 from Thursday to Monday. During those time frames, she will appear in one of three locations within the game. Though one spot isn't guaranteed, three locations aren't too long of a search.

Minerva's possible locations in Fallout 76

  • Foundation - Within the Savage Divide, players can search south of the given area.
  • Fort Atlas - This area can be found in the Eastern area near Route 63, which is also in the Savage Divide.
  • The Crater - The third location is located in the Toxic Valley, and Minerva can be found near the eastern border of the region.

As mentioned before, Minerva is an NPC vendor in Fallout 76 that takes gold bullion as currency. This means that players can look for late-game items to a certain degree which is needed with the new update. However, the inventory is not guaranteed.

Instead, Minerva's inventory will rotate with time, which leaves some items more exclusive and time-sensitive. The days when Minerva's Big Sale is available will give players the best chance at some great items.

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