Which is the best VPN for PUBG Lite?

PlayerUnknown's Battleground
PlayerUnknown's Battleground
Hrithik Raj

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is one of the strongest pillars that hold up the battle royale genre. Since the first PC launch on July 30, 2016, the game has arrived on many platforms. PlayerUnknown's Battleground was launched with a one-time payment monetization system. However, with time, the developers switched to free-to-play mode on many platforms.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite are the two known free-to-play variants which use in-game transactions as a model of monetization. PUBG Lite is a low poly version of PUBG PC with similar mechanics and gunplay. With low poly assets, the game manages to run on low-end PCs. This has helped the developers reach the vast PC community which is held back from playing many games due to the lack of powerful systems.

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PUBG Lite is not available everywhere

PUBG Lite is one of the best thing happened for the PC community. However, it is not available for every region. Long story short the game is region locked and is steadily being launched in different regions of the world. To play the game in region-locked areas players use VPNs.

However, all VPNs are not fit to use while gaming. Not only do they increase the PING, they also increase the packet loss which makes the game unfit to play. Some premium VPNs are there which doesn't affect the games network performance. Among those VPNs, NordVPN is the best with its worldwide network of super-fast p2p friendly servers.

NordVPN is fast and lag-free and it doesn't affect your gaming performance. It is the best VPN when it comes to managing packet loss. The pricing of NordVPN is quite reasonable. Players can subscribe to NordVPN for just $3.49 per month. Furthermore, there are always several ongoing offers which save money. We highly recommend NordVPN as it is the best VPN to play PUBG Lite.

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