Who are The Cleaners in Back 4 Blood?

The Cleaners are a focal point of Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
The Cleaners are a focal point of Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Players in Back 4 Blood may be caught up in all of the zombie-slaying taking place in the beta, but there is certainly a story to go along, and The Cleaners are the focal point of that narrative. Once the game is fully released, players will see the complete story of "The Cleaners" as they move through each act.

So, who are The Cleaners? Well, they are the player characters, and the players themselves by association. There are eight playable characters in Back 4 Blood, and they are the protagonists that players take control of while exterminating the zombies or the Ridden.

The Cleaners themselves are chosen specifically in the narrative due to their immunity. They group together to stop the Ridden and the subsequent outbreak that players confront throughout Back 4 Blood.

Each one of The Cleaners has their own background that influences their character and in-game abilities that players use.

Turtle Rock Studios has already outlined each of The Cleaner characters ahead of the beta release, allowing players to get familiar with them in Back 4 Blood.

All of The Cleaners in Back 4 Blood


As mentioned, there are eight playable characters in Back 4 Blood, and each of them will be listed below with a description.


Armed with a nail spiked baseball bat, Holly Forrester's story starts with the death of her family. They were killed by a Devil Worm, and afterwards, all of her focus went into being the glue of The Cleaner Crew.


A former Army Ranger, Walker is the oldest of his five siblings, and is a frontline fighter for The Cleaner crew in Back 4 Blood.


As the name suggests, Doc is the medic and doctor for the team. She is career-oriented and had originally linked up with Mom.


The lone wolf persona is Karlee's main focus. Though she was once a loner and a looter, she has now become a trusted part of the crew.


Jim is the hunter of the group, and he knows the area very well after all of his hunting experience. He was a military veteran like Walker.


Preparing for the apocalypse was Hoffman's goal, and it ended up saving him. He believed in many conspiracy theories, and although his bunker ended up saving him, he eventually had to leave.


The youngest on the team, Evangelo still has a lot to learn, but he is quick to retain information and assist The Cleaners.


Mom lost her son to the Ridden and her goal has since been revenge. She is the embodiment of leadership in The Cleaners and a voice of reason within Back 4 Blood.

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