Can you play Back 4 Blood as a solo player?

Solo play may be locked out in the beta of Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Solo play may be locked out in the beta of Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Back 4 Blood is a title based around cooperative play with teammates or friends online, but a plethora of players are intrigued by the solo aspect of the game.

Considering that Back 4 Blood hasn't been fully released yet, the answer to whether players can play solo or not is more ambiguous than usual. As of now, and until August 16, the Back 4 Blood beta is live with only a few of the features that will arrive in the main game.

Players who are returning to the hordes of zombies from Left 4 Dead may have played those games as solo enthusiasts in the past. In that game, the other members of the party would simply be taken over by AI and would assist the player.

Considering that the same developer, Turtle Rock Studios, created the game, players will seek a similar experience.

Can Back 4 Blood be played as solo?


In the Back 4 Blood beta, players who want to play solo will unfortunately have to be patient. Multiplayer is an option, however, the selection for a solo campaign experience is locked from use.

It's likely that players won't be able to access that aspect of the game while the beta is live.

However, the good news is that the option exists. Although the selection may be locked in the beta, it will surely make an appearance once the full game is released on 12 October 2021.

While there is still a way to potentially play solo in the Back 4 Blood beta, it's not official and might be temporary.

When queueing up for a lobby in the game, there will be some spots that don't fill right away, this gives players time to go through the map solo. This is likely due to the server testing that's going on during the beta.

Regardless, it's a chance to play against some zombies in a solo fashion, but the lobby will likely fill up again before long. It's not a great way to get a solo experience, but trying out the multiplayer aspect isn't a bad idea until the full game releases later on.

Players who want to play the full solo campaign can pick up Back 4 Blood for $60 ahead of time.

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