Who is the villain Sylux in Metroid Prime 4 Beyond?

Metroid Prime 4 Sylux
Sylux seems to have grand plans in store for Samus (Image via Nintendo)

While its debut gameplay trailer surprised fans, what was not so surprising was the return of the villain Sylux in Metroid Prime 4 Beyond. Showcased at the latest Nintendo Direct for June 2024, this villain may be recognizable by core fans of the series, especially since he has appeared across various entries in past Metroid Prime titles.

However, casual or new players may be left scratching their heads as to how he fits into the overall narrative of the upcoming sci-fi FPS Metroidvania game. This article explains everything there is to know about Sylux in Metroid Prime 4 Beyond.

Who is Sylux in Metroid Prime 4 Beyond?


Sylux was first introduced in the Nintendo DS game Metroid Prime Hunters as an NPC, boss, and playable character in the PvP multiplayer mode. This masked individual is one of the six bounty hunters that the series' protagonist Samus Aran encounters during the game.

He is fairly antagonistic towards the Galactic Federation organization that Samus belongs to, but he did not particularly play a major role in the 2006 handheld game.

Since Metroid Prime Hunters took place between the events of the original Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, it follows a logical conclusion that Sylux would eventually re-emerge in subsequent installments, which he did in Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Players can spot his ship Delano 7 tracking Samus' own in the Special Ending to the 2007 Wii game that is also the precursor to the upcoming 2025 title.

In the controversial Nintendo 3DS co-op spin-off title, Metroid Prime Federation Force, Sylux can be seen stealing a Metroid egg. While his motives were unclear then, we now know that move resulted in the creation of Mochtroids (or cloned Metroids created by the evil Space Pirates) that are seen following Sylux in Metroid Prime 4 Beyond.

What exactly are his true goals this time around? We will have to wait until the next title to find out.

Metroid Prime 4 Beyond launches in 2025 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

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