Why has E3 2023 been canceled? Reason behind surprise move explored

E3 2023 has been canceled (Image via ESA)
E3 2023 has been canceled (Image via ESA)

This year's E3 stands canceled as per the latest report from IGN, which cites emails sent out by the event's organizers to various developers, producers, and other participants. The emails announced the cancelation of The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2023. After last year's disappointing cancelation, fans were looking forward to the return of the premier gaming event known for featuring exciting announcements pertaining to new video games from big AAA studios.

However, recent reports indicate that E3 will not be returning this year either. In the emails sent out to participants of this year's event, the organizers at Entertainment Software Association seem to have explained that the reason for calling off this occasion was a lack of interest from fans and game developers. As per reports, they have said:

" [The event] did not garner the sustained interest necessary to execute it in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of our industry."

E3 stands canceled as big companies such as Microsoft, Sega, and Nintendo pulled out of the gaming expo

This is quite a reasonable explanation, as E3 has been plagued by issues pertaining to major players dropping out of the event in recent years. Big players such as Sony have been out of the expo since 2018, meaning not one PlayStation game has been part of the event for quite some time.

Nintendo has already had an event showcasing its new Legend of Zelda game, and Microsoft has also announced that it will not be joining this year's event due to budget cuts. The trend of AAA companies, such as Sega and Ubisoft, backing out had started rumors about a potential cancelation of the event. This speculation seems to have been confirmed by recent reports.

On top of fans, brand-new, state-of-the-art gaming hardware has also been also revealed during past events, making them a truly wonderful experience for gamers from around the world. Obviously, the pandemic since 2020 had quite an effect on E3 over the last few years, but this year was supposed to be different.

The event was expected to be held between June 13 and 16. The Entertainment Software Association touted this year's E3 as a return to normalcy. The premier gaming expo was slated to come back as an in-person event for the first time since the Corona Virus pandemic. Fans looking forward to the event, which brought gaming fans from all platforms and studios together, will have to wait another year to see if the E3 returns.