Why Fortnite Season 6 should reintroduce the original storyline back again

Fortnite Chapter 1
Fortnite Chapter 1
Rob Kalajian

It's hard to put a finger on exactly when Fortnite's story changed, but many fans feel that the initial path of the story in the early seasons of Chapter 1 needs to make a comeback. Was it due to the lack of licensed collaborations? The mystery of the Island before the Zero Point was revealed? It could possibly just be nostalgia for the way things were before Athena Island disappeared.

Why should Fortnite's original storyline return?

Athena Island - Season 1
Athena Island - Season 1

When Fortnite was new, there was not even a storyline. It wasn't until Chapter 3 did players start noticing things were happening around Athena Island. A strange light in the sky that turned out to be a comet heading straight for them. From there, new information seemed to be arriving at an alarming rate, with major changes to the island coming almost every season.

Then came The End, a live event where Fortnite players saw their beloved Athena Island sucked into a black hole as the game servers went dark, literally. Two days later Fortnite came back up with a whole new island, Apollo Island, with many new locations, and some old ones.

Over the course of the seasons, Fortnite's storyline has gotten more and more involved, incorporating the many licensed IPs that Epic has added to the game. With the island itself as the central character of the story, fans have learned about the Loop, different agencies and threats, and snapshots of characters created by the strange nature of the island.

In the early days of Chapter 1 things were much simpler and easier to keep track of. As with most things that that persist through time, Fortnite ages, accumulating more and more lore. While the original locations, or even the entire map, for Chapter 1 could eventually return, the storyline has been forever altered.

Why should Fortnite Season 6 reintroduce the original storyline back again? They should not. It will never, ever, feel the same way as it did. Should they bring back the original island? Yes, and no. The original island changed so much over the course of Chapter 1, and Chapter 2's Apollo Island is already shifting into some semblance of Chapter 1's Athena Island.

The best Epic can do would be to allow custom games to take place on Athena Island. Players say they want the island back, but what exactly do they mean? They mean they want the memory of what it was like to play during the first chapter to return.

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