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WWE News: WWE Superstars discuss their favorite wrestling video games

421   //    14 Sep 2017, 13:06 IST

Seth Rollins and what is presumably his personal copy of WWE 2K18
Seth Rollins and what is presumably his personal copy of WWE 2K18

What's the story?

For well over half a decade, 2K Sports (and, before that, THQ's) annual WWE game has had the same level of anticipation as the annual FIFA, NFL or NBA games. Like those sports, a good number of WWE Superstars play their game backstage and on the road -- especially considering most of them grew up playing games.

So, when popular YouTube gaming channel Outside XBox went to the pre-SummerSlam 2K18 launch party, they took the time to ask the stars their favourite wrestling games.

In case you didn't know...

Pro wrestling and videos games have gone hand in hand since the Nintendo Entertainment System brought the U.S. home console business back from the brink of collapse in the mid 1980s. Ever since Acclaim's WWF WrestleMania for the NES, licensed games have been a staple of the merchandise lines of major promotions around the world.

The early 200s and the launch of the PlayStation 2 saw the release of annual (or, at least, semi-annual) licensed wrestling games. It's nly been fairly recently since WWE games have been treated like annual sports titles.

The heart of the matter

WWE Superstars, from A.J. Styles to The New Day to Seth Rollins to others, were interviewed regarding their favorite pro wrestling games from the past. Of course, aside from Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (which Styles already admitted his love for to one of this writer's favorite podcast teams, Steve and Larson), all the other games listed were under brands already owned by WWE.

Not that OX were under any obligation to do, but, they would probably like to be invited back to the WWE 2K19 launch, so...

What's next?

WWE 2K18 comes out on October 17th for PlayStation 4 (and Pro), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Author's take

Despite my complaints, I genuinely love 2K's WWE games every year. I'm very optimistic about this one, especially considering the changes they mentioned in the video. Plus, that Breezango entrance looks awesome! Special thanks to Outside Xbox for posting this video (I'm a big fan, guys!)