"Some things you need is a skill you can hone": xQc gives life advice while playing Apex Legends

xQc shares his wisdom with his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc shares his wisdom with his viewers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Vijith Nair

Felix "xQc" Lengyel is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch in the world. xQc has been known to share his opinions freely and give life advice to his viewers regularly.

That was the case again during one of xQc's recent livestreams where he played Apex Legends. He expressed his views on how he thought people like to be born with skills instead of working for them.

xQc shares his opinions on people not working hard to hone their skills at Apex Legends

xQc was streaming the popular battle royale hero shooter game Apex Legends on Twitch recently. During his stream, he started talking about the players and their competencies at the game. He also touched on people getting better at the game by honing their skills.

xQc pointed out how some players do not want to put the effort in and would much rather be good at the game by default. He explained how no one is born being a master at playing the game. xQc also shared his thoughts on how important it is to keep improving oneself at playing the game over time.

xQc's statements were also good life advice, as pointed out by many. He expressed his feelings on people thinking that everyone is always given everything at birth when he said:

"People think that everything that you have, you're born with. Some things you need is a skill that you can hone."

xQc was talking in the context of the game Apex Legends when he quoted that. However, the clip soon hit the LivestreamFail Reddit page under the title "xQc spitting facts" as people found a deeper meaning to what was said by him.

The clip then instigated a conversation in the comments section as some fans tried to make sense of xQc's words.

Some commenters noted how hard it was to sometimes understand what the streamer was trying to say due to his fast-paced speech and slurred words mixed with his accent.

A few fans made some light-hearted jokes about the same.

Others helped out confused fans in the comments section by transcribing what was said by the Canadian Twitch Streamer.

While some fans might see the funnier side of things, others will definitely find wisdom in the sayings of a gamer with years of experience in streaming.

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