YouTube bans animal abuser 'Peluchin Entertainment', internet rejoices

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After months of social media outrage, YouTube has finally banned cat torturer and animal abuser 'Peluchin Entertainment' from its platform.

Peluchin Entertainment was a YouTube channel that became notorious for posting deplorable videos of animal abuse online.

The channel often featured a 17-year-old teenager posting videos of himself beating, kicking, and throwing his cat against a wall until eventually killing it, as thousands of people watched in horror and disgust.

What enraged the community even further was the lack of concrete action by YouTube against such offenders. Moreover, given its recent history of striking channels left, right, and center, it was all the more shocking that the company hadn't taken any action against Peluchin Entertainment.

However, in a monumental move, YouTube has now officially banned the channel:

As reported in our exclusive feature earlier this month, the fact that Peluchin Entertainment's actions were allowed to go unnoticed by YouTube did not sit well with the online community. Prominent content creators such as Penguinz0 even urged the organization to take decisive action.

After almost a month, the community can rejoice as its efforts have resulted in the removal of Peluchin Entertainment from the platform.

Peluchin Entertainment officially terminated


The deranged actions promoted by Peluchin Entertainment ended up spawning a disturbing trend of copycats online, as numerous reports of animal abuse on YouTube continued to circulate.

This is what makes this decision all the more monumental, as, after months of staying silent and slapping questionable bans on other content creators, YouTube has finally listened to the community and taken a definitive step.

In a follow up to his previous videos, Penguinz0 recently appeared ecstatic as he broke the news of Peluchin Entertainment being banned by YouTube:

"I'm happy to say, today, nearly a month later, he has finally been banned from the platform. Better late than never, I gave YouTube this homework assignment to look into Peluchin Entertainment a month ago, and they're turning in the assignment long overdue, it's very late, but you know what — I'm a cool professor, I'll accept the homework and say Thank you YouTube!"

He went on to thank the community whose efforts made it possible, as apart from Peluchin Entertainment, all the other copycat channels have also been banned:

Penguinz0 ended by stating that while this does not absolve YouTube of its sins completely, it's certainly a momentous occasion that proves that if the community's voice is loud enough, it can spur the streaming giant into action.

Here are some of the reactions online, as Twitter responded to the news of Peluchin Entertainment's ban:

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