YouTube policy under question after animal abuser 'Peluchin Entertainment' walks free after breaking ToS

YouTube has been facing the heat for allowing a proven animal abuser to remain on its platform
YouTube has been facing the heat for allowing a proven animal abuser to remain on its platform

YouTube is currently under the scanner for allowing an animal abuser to exist on its platform.

The aforementioned culprit is a YouTube channel called 'Peluchin Entertainment' which has become notorious for posting deplorable videos of animal abuse online.

The channel features a 17-year-old teenager, who in 2018, as a 15-year-old, posted videos of himself beating, kicking and throwing his cat against a wall until he eventually killed it as thousands of people watched on in horror and disgust.

The situation blew up all over the internet in 2018, and it was believed that YouTube had taken stringent action against the channel. However, it is to be noted that the channel still exists today, with YouTube having taken no action, despite millions of official complaints being lodged.

In light of the platform turning a deaf ear on the matter, prominent YouTubers have now released videos on the issue, demanding strict action to be taken.

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The online community questions YouTube's policy


One of the most prominent YouTubers to address this heinous channel is Charles 'penguinz0' White, who seemed incensed at the fact that YouTube had not taken any kind of action against Peluchin Entertainment.

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Speaking about how the channel has inspired a deplorable trend, he says:

"For some f****** reason, this deranged loser has become some sort of hero to animal abusers online. The number one sign of f****** psychopath serial killers is abusing animals at a young age ..I don't give a f*** if they're 15 ,they should be locked away for a long, long time for that kind of shit."

He then proceeds to call out YouTube for their lack of action and tears into their warped sense of prioritisation:

"The fact that this revolting hemorrhoid still has a Youtube channel is sickening and YouTube should be ashamed of themselves, it's not like they don't know about this channel, this was a huge deal in 2018.
"This lack of action has had a huge consequence. This is clearly YouTube's fault, even though what he did is a clear violation of their terms of service , a literal f****** crime and they still , for some reason, didn't ban his account even after millions of reports.
"It is baffling, it is disgusting and I can't believe that this is still going on... I just don't understand what YouTube's priorities are."

Another prominent YouTuber, Jeremy Habley from TheQuartering, also released a video on the entire issue.


In the video, Jeremy, who is an animal lover himself, expresses disgust at Peluchin Entertainment and proceeds to criticise YouTube for its hypocritical policy system, especially in light of LeafyIsHere's recent termination:

"They banned Leafy for mean videos about a multi-millionaire but YouTube has known about Peluchin Entertainment for over a year, if you're not familiar with who Peluchin Entertainment is, it is a young monster who did unspeakable things to cats and uploaded those YouTube videos.
"In terms of the social pile of garbage, people that do this stuff to animals are not even below, but on the same level as adults who do these things to children..It's just disgusting and YouTube has been fine with this channel existing .
"YouTube please, you took the time to ban Leafy for him being mean to Pokimane... we can agree that this channel needs to be banned immediately."

Both the YouTubers also pointed out that Peluchin Entertainment's detestable practices have ended up spawning impostor channels as well as a worrisome trend where individuals continue to torture animals online.

One such channel called Angela Alvarez 507 Respaldo has now thankfully been deleted.

Ever since word got around that Peluchin Entertainment continues to exist on YouTube, the online community became enraged and took to Twitter to express themselves:

As dissent continues to mount, one can only hope that YouTube decides to take stringent action against Peluchin Entertainment as abuse, in any form, is simply condemnable and must not be condoned.

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