YouTuber LeafyIsHere accused of grooming 13-year-old

More trouble seems to be brewing for LeafyIsHere (Image via LeafyIsHere)
More trouble seems to be brewing for LeafyIsHere (Image via LeafyIsHere)
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Calvin "LeafyIsHere" Lee Vail has been accused of grooming a 13-year-old. Allegedly, LeafyIsHere attempted to groom the girl through an app when he was supposedly 18-years-old.

The accusations were made through TikTok videos uploaded by an account called "kit_is_done." It starts with the TikToker simply letting some quotes tell the story while music plays in the background.

The story is described as:

"Downloading an app called Amino and joined a group about nekos when I was 13. Meeting a boy named Calvin and voice chatting with him and a few others. Talking to him every day, him calling me his baby, skyping with him, and watching him play games. Happy I made a friend I could talk, him promising me we can meet up when we're old enough."

After that part of the story, she alleges that LeafyIsHere started asking her for nudes and sexually explicit videos. Shortly after, she supposedly was recommended a video from LeafyIsHere, who she didn't realize was the same person she was talking to.

When the girl put the pieces together and realized Calvin and LeafyIsHere might have been the same person, she questioned the YouTuber on the subject. Supposedly, after she did so, LeafyIsHer blocked her on all platforms and dodged the issue.

Allegations against LeafyIsHere and why the girl released her story

The allegations of LeafyIsHere grooming a teenager are serious. The Utah native is no stranger to controversy and recently had spats with YouTube and Twitch.

Unfortunately, the story may very well hit a stalemate as there is no evidence of what happened. When commenters asked where the logs were, the girl said:

"For those of you asking for proof, I was 13. I don't have that old phone anymore. I don't have that login information anymore. That happened, and I got off of everything that was attached to him."

She continued in a separate video, claiming that she was revealing the story now to get her story out to the public, help others, and help cope with her own trauma over the situation.

It is well-known that LeafyIsHere was banned from YouTube for bullying and harassment, causing his termination on multiple content platforms. It shows that he has a past with controversy, but there isn't necessarily proof of the grooming allegations.

The full story will need more time to play out fully.

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