Ethics Policy

Factual accuracy

Every word in every Sportskeeda article must be 100% factually correct. Care must be taken to ensure that no part of any story is mis-stated, misconstrued or otherwise misrepresented in such a way that it affects the interpretation of the content.

Names, numerical figures, dates and other similar information must always be reproduced to the letter, with no room for manipulation of any kind.

News sources

For news obtained exclusively by a Sportskeeda writer, the same must be clearly disclosed with a phrase such as ‘as revealed to Sportskeeda’ or ‘in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda’.

For news obtained from a secondary source, the website that originally reported the story must necessarily be hyperlinked over the relevant text. In case of news sourced from a publication that doesn’t have an online presence, the name of the publication needs to be mentioned as the source.

An anonymous source can be used only with prior approval from the Managing Editor or the Content Head. In such cases, care must be taken that the source is fully reliable and capable of being summoned upon inquiry or investigation.

Editorial review

An article can be published on Sportskeeda only after a thorough editorial review process. The review needs to be carried out by the dedicated editorial team, checking for factual accuracy, language, visual aids, external embeds and any other relevant aspect.


Sportskeeda has a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. Any story that is found to contain any part of it plagiarized, will be taken down immediately. The guilty writer in all such cases will face immediate and permanent expulsion.


Any quote used in any Sportskeeda article needs to be correctly attributed to the primary source. A quote must be reproduced in its exact form, with no change of any kind other than punctuation or spelling corrections if required.


Sportskeeda looks to ensure that all errors in its content are corrected quickly and with full disclosure. Sportskeeda also invites its readers to notify the editorial team for any errors they spot in any of the articles.

Any article that has a typo, spelling or grammatical error, shall be updated by a member of the staff. There is no requirement to add a correction note in such cases; the article would contain a line at the top saying it was modified at the particular date and time.

If an article has a material error with respect to any of the facts, numbers or quotes mentioned therein, the correction shall be done by a member of the staff followed by the addition of a correction note at the end of the article. The correction note should read thus: “An earlier version of the article erroneously stated that ___. The same has been corrected on <date, time>.”


Sportskeeda believes in the principle of equality, and seeks to ensure that that is reflected in all of its content. No part of any Sportskeeda article shall discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, religion, sex, caste, nationality, orientation, political leaning or any other individualistic quality.

Any Sportskeeda article that is found to promote inequality or hatred of any kind will be taken down, with appropriate sanctions for the writer.

Inappropriate language or visuals

Sportskeeda seeks to ensure that its content is consumable by people of all ages and backgrounds. Inappropriate or disturbing language, images or videos are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary for the depiction of the story. If at all such language or visuals are used, a suitable warning must be given to the reader in advance.

Sponsored or promotional content

No Sportskeeda article shall promote any external agency, organization or website (by way of links, mentions or any other manner) unless specifically authorized by the sales team in conjunction with the Managing Editor. All such cases of promotional or sponsored content must be explicitly labeled as such.

Social media

All of Sportskeeda’s social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) must necessarily adhere to the company’s policies and content guidelines. No social media post by Sportskeeda shall contain information or visuals that are in any way inaccurate, inappropriate or otherwise objectionable.

Sportskeeda is against click-bait of any kind. Any published post deemed as such will be taken down immediately, with appropriate sanctions for the post-maker.

Editorial staff responsibility

Sportskeeda’s editorial staff is expected to uphold the highest journalistic standards at all times, both in a professional and a personal capacity.

All content published on the website or the social media handles must be fair and just, with all sides of the story being given due consideration. The responsibility of ensuring that Sportskeeda’s content is error-free and bias-free lies with its editorial staff.

The members of the editorial team are also expected to adhere to the values of the organization in their unofficial dealings, including but not limited to their business interests, social media presence and public appearances.