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4 Things East Bengal and Mohun Bagan can bring to the ISL 

10.15K   //    20 Dec 2018, 11:22 IST

East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan - the biggest rivalry in Indian football
East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan - the biggest rivalry in Indian football

The 'Kolkata Derby' will have a place in the heart of Indian football as long as the ball rolls in the country. Even after the introduction of a glamorous league like ISL, the derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan mostly played out in a relatively less-hyped league like I-League, has been drawing huge number of spectators.

The very recent 3-2 victory of the Red & Gold over Bagan was just a preview of the rivalry and enthusiasm that has been prevailing between the two clubs for nearly 100 years. Every football pundit in the country will have just one wish in this changing phase of Indian football - to never end this age-old derby.

With so much of the game played around the country these days, many predicted a decline in the interest for East Bengal-Mohun Bagan match. But it is now reassured that history will remain untouched.

The rumours about an ISL-I-League merger has been on the cards for some years now. But recent media communications from the All India Football Federation (AIFF) hints more about the inclusion of the two Kolkata giants into the Indian Super League. Just as the management of both these clubs, the eyes waiting for this entry are not less.

Whether the possibility will turn into a reality has to be watched, but what this can mean to the football circuit can be discussed now. Here, we take a look at 4 things East Bengal and Mohun Bagan can bring into the ISL:

#4 More Competition

A click from one of those derby days in the books
A click from one of those derby days in the books

It's not just about East Bengal and Mohun Bagan. By the addition of two new teams to ISL, the league will be more competitive as there will be more matches played and viewers involved.

At present, a trend of roping in the highly talented players from I-League to ISL is seen. Improper practices like this can be reduced to a point with the coming of twelve teams. If the two additional teams are established like East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, there will be chances opened upon.

This will also be another step in the process of developing ISL into a full-fledged league like most others around the world.

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