Best Team Logos in World Football - Part 1


Club logos are more than just signs on the kit of a team. They represent a deeper value. Sometimes a logo is the first thing a person sees. So a good logo definitely creates a good impression. Players last only for a few years or in some cases for a couple of decades. Same is the case of jerseys but the crests are ever-lasting. Good crests are the pride of fans and subject of spite for others.

The criteria of my selection?

Well, the ones which are better than the rest and are simply too good to be overlooked.

So in the first installment of this series, let’s have a look at a few logos which are, in my opinion, some of the best in the world.

1. Guangzhou Evergrande FC: That’s a tiger you don’t want to mess with. The graphics in this logo are hard to miss. The logo reads, ‘BE THE BEST FOREVER’ and certainly they are the best in their league, having won the Chinese Super League. They are managed by former Italian national team manager Marcello Lippi.

2. AS Roma: Situated in the capital city of Rome, they are one of the most successful Italian teams. Their crest shows the eternal representation of the founders of Rome, twin brothers Romulus and Remus suckling from the she-wolf Lupa, who was said to have raised the twins after they were abandoned to die by their mother’s uncle Amulius in the river Tiber.

Columbus Crew logo.svg

3. Columbus Crew: The MLS-based team has a one of its kind logo – one showing workmen. It depicts the hard-working nature of the labourers of the American city of Columbus. The 3 construction workers featured on the logo, complete with the hard-hats with heads held up high give the impression that they are positive people with a never back down attitude and go into everything as a team. But I don’t know how much of that is true when it comes to actually playing football.

FC Nordsjaelland.svg

4. FC Nordsjaelland: If you thought the tiger on the Guangzhou logo was awesome, Nordsjaelland’s one is simply majestic. And majestic without bearing its teeth. The Danish side are the current Danish Superliga champions and played in the Champions League this season.

5. FC Shakhtar Donetsk: The two crossed hammers and orange and black colours are certainly intimidating and interestingly, the current crest was created only in 2007 by the Italian company Interbrand.


6. Olympiacos: Olympiacos is the most successful Greek team, having won 39 domestic titles. Their crest depicts a picture of an Olympic winner with the classic olive-leaves crown.

FC Dallas logo.svg

7. FC Dallas: The bull portrayed in the crest says – You come near me, you’re dead’ without being really ferocious. Along with number 96, which signifies the year when they played their first match, the colours of red, white and blue are all on both the American national flag and also the state flag of Texas. And that is not a coincidence. They were previously named as Dallas Burn, which is seriously cooler than their current name.


8. CSKA Moscow: Central Sports Club of Army Moscow, commonly abbreviated as CSKA Moscow, is one of the most successful Russian teams. Though the club’s logo doesn’t have some sort of hidden meaning, it screams – ‘Look at Me!’ The colours red and yellow on its sides along with the football give it a nice look.

Paris Saint-Germain FC logo.svg

9. PSG: The pride of Parisians – The Eiffel Tower is graced on the PSG crest. That part is easy to identify but the thing below it still remains a mystery to many. Well, it represents the ‘berceau royale’ or ‘royal cradle’ rising from a coat of arms representing the royal town of Saint-Germain. The blue and red colours naturally blend into the tower pretty well.

Shirt badge/Association crest

10. Republic Of Ireland: Sadly, I haven’t found what this logo signifies and I’m still not sure whether the logo has any hidden meaning, all I can say is that the logo is pretty cool.

If you feel that I missed out on any good logos, you can mention them in the comments section. Well, that’s it for now!

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