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"Pride comes before fall" says Bengaluru FC's Ajay Chhetri

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Ajay Chhetri plays for Bengaluru FC

Ajay Chhetri is a soccer player who plays for Bengaluru FC. He has played a vital role in taking his team to various titles.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Chhetri talks about his soccer career.

What inspired you to choose soccer as your career?

Chhetri: Soccer has always been an unbeatable sport for me and since childhood I was passionate about. So that's what made me choose soccer as my Career.

What has been your experience with players like Sunil Chettri and Miku?

Chhetri: Having played with the best player and the Captain for the Indian National team was really a good experienced for me. Seeing him as an example, I learned many things and techniques and most importantly he gave me fruitful advice. Watching him play encouraged me to play harder every time.

Bengaluru FC has achieved numerous accomplishments in the I-League and AFC League. What has been that specific ingredient that took the team to success?

Chhetri: As we all know that Bengaluru FC is the best team in India as we have good and strong players. Furthermore, we have been successful because of the commitment of the management and the co-operation between the players. They play as a team and win as a team and that's what took the team to success.

India hosted the U-17 World Cup in 2017. How do you take this in the context of Indian football?


Chhetri: We very happy to see India hosting a world cup for the first time. It was definitely a great achievement for the Indian Football. It was a competition where all the best teams participated and I hope AIFF will host more tournaments like this for seniors as well as for the juniors which will help the Indian Football.

You scored a hat-trick against Fateh Hyderbad FC in 2016 U-18 I-League. How has this performance changed the fortunes for you?

Chhetri: That hat-trick has really changed my life in football. Being awarded as the best player of the season was like a dream come true because I never expected. I thank God for blessing me each and every day of my life. I'd still need to improve and I take it as a way to encourage myself. I feel an endless need to learn, to improve and to evolve and most importantly to feel satisfied with myself and to keep pride away as "pride comes before fall."

Who has been your ideal? What role has he played in your life? 

Chhetri: Cristiano Ronaldo has been my ideal. Watching him play, his techniques, skills, everything about him just makes me fell in love with football more and more. He has class off the pitch as well as on it and because of him I started playing football and be more passionate about it.

What advice would you give to the soccer players who aspire to take a different path to realize their dreams?

Chhetri: To achieve something in your life you need to believe in yourself. So that you can utilize your potential to achieve your dreams. Dream big and work for it and always believe in God. Remember that he's with you to support you and to help you.

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