Fortnite Illegal Restart warning: What is it and how to fix it

Fortnite Illegal Restart Warning
Fortnite Illegal Restart Warning

Fortnite Status has acknowledged the "Illegal Restart" warnings that have recently come up for competitive Fortnite players.

These warnings typically appear when players compete in tournaments with alternate accounts, compete in various regions, or leave a match during a shakedown, so that their team does not get marked.

Fortnite Illegal Restart Warning

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Over the past few hours, competitive Fortnite players have been getting "Illegal Restart" Behavior Reports pop up on their screen, seemingly for no apparent reason. The Fortnite Status Twitter account has been quick to address players' fears with the following tweet:

If a player knows they have not broken the restart rules, the message was in error due to a bug, and they can ignore the warning. The player needs to do nothing else on their end. Case closed.

Remember, each player can only enter a tournament once. Once they start playing in a competitive event, they can not start over for any reason, even on a different server region. If Epic finds out that a player has entered a competitive event with more than one account, this will also trigger a valid "Illegal Restart" warning.

The simple fix if a player has received this warning? Stop trying to cheat the system. The rules are there to keep the competitive scene fun and fair. Trying to trick Fortnite competitive events by joining several regions or by using an alt account ruins the game for everyone else involved.

The takeaway? If players know they are in good standing and got the warning, ignore it. If players got the error for a legitimate reason, they need to quit being a problem player.

Getting caught cheating is not worth getting an account banned, as it makes hours of hard-earned work futile, not to mention all the money spent on the game.

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