"The Floor is Lava" Fortnite tournament competitive analysis

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)

To get the new TheGrefG Fortnite Icon Series Skin, players only need to compete in the upcoming The Floor is Lava tournament. It is a unique twist on the traditional Fortnite Battle Royale mode that challenges players to keep off the ground as much as possible.

This Fortnite tournament operates in much the same way that a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament would. Points are awarded for eliminations and placement, and a series of consecutive heats are used to help rank players.

The key difference is that during this game mode, lava will slowly rise throughout the game, and players will constantly generate building materials to keep up with the rising lava.

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The Floor is Lava Fortnite tournament points breakdown

TThis Fortnite Tournament awards players an impressive three points per elimination and 60 points for earning a victory royale.

This is likely to account that with the lava constantly increasing and players generating building materials at all times, many may just try to build and hope for the lava to eliminate players for them.

With this point distribution, scoring 10 kills would net the same points as ranking in the top 20, and 20 kills would place them above someone who won without any kills.

Overall, this is still fairly balanced, and placement will still be important, but players shouldn’t expect to do well in the tournament by playing too defensively.

What to do with infinite building materials

Building during this tournament will be very different, as players will need to build to survive. Although building materials are generated passively, players should still be careful to use the right materials for the right situation.

Players generate wood the fastest and metal the slowest, so overall, they will want to use wood for traveling and brick and metal to resist enemy fire.

One thing to be careful about in this tournament is that building higher can give players a significant advantage and expose them to new angles of attack. A common strategy that players are going to use in this Fortnite tournament is attacking other players’ buildings in the hopes of dropping them in the lava.

Getting a height advantage will help shoot at players lower down but make moving around more difficult as the structure can always have key pieces shot out. Players will need to balance building up and having a plan in case their structure gets destroyed.

Players are going to fight from farther away


Finally, during this Fortnite tournament, players will want to make sure they pick up a long range weapon and plenty of ammo. The lava will make moving around very difficult, prompting most players to fight much farther away.

While it can still be useful to know how to build towards an opponent, most of the time aggressively, it will be better to try sniping at them while maintaining a defensive structure.

Shotguns may still be useful, but snipers and ARs will end up doing most of the work during this Fortnite tournament.

Good luck, competitors!

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