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TheGrefG Fortnite Icon Series skin reveal breaks Twitch records for most viewers

(Image Credit: TheGrefG)
(Image Credit: TheGrefG)
Modified 13 Jan 2021, 01:50 IST

TheGrefG recently got his own Fortnite Icon Series skin, and the reveal ended up with over 2 million concurrent viewers.

This makes the TheGrefG Icon Series Skin Reveal the most-watched live stream on Twitch by a massive margin, with the previous record held by TheGrefG coming in at just 660,000.

TheGrefG is a Spanish language streamer, player, and team owner in Europe who has managed to cultivate an absolutely massive audience from his Fortnite streams.

TheGrefG Fortnite streams and Twitch’s previous records

Prior to TheGrefG’s record-breaking Fortnite stream, the Twitch Peak Viewer Record had previously been held by the ElagueTV 2018 Rocket League stream with 1 million viewers. However, before his stream, TheGrefG had the peak viewer count record for a non-event streamer.

It’s uncertain whether or not the Fortnite Icon Series Reveal should be considered an event or not. However, TheGrefG has a normal stream schedule and doesn’t primarily stream competitive events or corporate reveals.

Therefore, it’s fair to say he now holds the record for Biggest Twitch Stream, Biggest Non-Event Twitch Stream, and Biggest Non-English Twitch Stream.

How will anyone ever beat 2 million viewers?


It's likely TheGrefG's Fortnite stream will hold the Peak Viewer record for quite a long time. It's incredible to see just what TheGrefG's Fortnite stream was able to achieve.

In perspective, this has earned a higher peak viewer count than the finals for the biggest competitive event of the year for the very game he competes in.

Similarly, more people tuned in to watch TheGrefG reveal his Fortnite skin than the Sony Playstation 5 reveal and its various launch titles. At this rate, he may now be the most recognizable face in esports, gaming, and Twitch collectively.

Beating this record likely won't come until another game becomes an internet sensation, and an enterprising and intelligent streamer can find a way to build a massive community to rival this one.

Any Fortnite fans fluent in Spanish or who want to pick it up as another language should definitely check out his streams. Despite Spanish being the main language on his streams, it's still possible to enjoy his content without fully understanding the language.

Published 13 Jan 2021, 01:50 IST
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