3 best ways to get Free Fire diamonds for the MAX version in India

Easy ways to get diamonds to use in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)
Easy ways to get diamonds to use in Free Fire MAX (Image via Sportskeeda)

Free Fire MAX offers a variety of items like colorful cosmetics and upgradable weapon skins that allow users to customize their characters. However, the in-game currency (called diamonds) is required to obtain most of these items. Players can purchase the currency with real money and use it to unlock premium items like the elite pass, outfits, weapon skins, characters, and other items.

But a large segment of the game's player base cannot afford to spend money on the game and look for ways to get diamonds for free. This article discusses the three best methods to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

Google Opinion Rewards and two other ways to get Free Fire MAX diamonds for free

1) Google Opinion Rewards


The best option to earn real money and get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX is the Google Opinion Rewards app. It is free to download on the Google Play Store and comes with an easy-to-learn interface.

Gamers can download the application and earn money by answering simple surveys that Google sends them. The surveys can be completed quickly and only take about 10 seconds. Upon completing these surveys, players are rewarded with real cash that is sent to the Google Play account they have linked to the app. Once players have accumulated enough cash, they can redeem it to purchase diamonds for free in the FF MAX in-game diamond store.

2) Play custom rooms and tournaments


Players can also play tournaments and custom rooms to get free diamonds. There are a lot of YouTube channels and other streaming platforms where players can find different tournaments and custom rooms that offer rewards like diamonds and Elite Passes.

Players can participate in these tournaments and custom rooms for free and hone their skills to earn free diamonds or money. These custom rooms and tournaments are also a great way for players to enhance their skill level and improve their game sense in FF MAX.

3) Easy Rewards


The third way to obtain free diamonds in Free Fire MAX is through the Easy Rewards application. The app works on the GPT (Get Paid To) concept, and the user is rewarded points or gift cards for completing different tasks available on the platform.

Gamers can earn points on the Easy Rewards application by completing surveys, downloading other games and applications, and watching videos. These points are stored in a wallet on the app. Users can redeem these points to get gift cards for different platforms like Amazon and Google. FF MAX players can redeem Google or Apple gift cards and use them to get diamonds for free.

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