3 pets that should not be unlocked in Free Fire

Pets that should not be unlocked in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pets that should not be unlocked in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Soumyajit Dutta

Pets play a vital role in Free Fire. Almost all of them have some capabilities that assist players on the ground.

These pets are available in the 'Store' section, where gamers can buy them. They are priced at different ranges according to their demand and usability.

However, some pets are not that useful, neither are they advantageous on the ground. This article lists some pets in Free Fire that users should not unlock as they are not worth the money.

Note: This list is not in any particular order or ranking, and is in a generalized order.

Which pets should not be unlocked in Free Fire?

#1 - Shiba

Shiba in Free Fire
Shiba in Free Fire

Shiba has an ability called Mushroom Sense. At level 1, it marks one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map every 180 seconds. The mark lasts 30 seconds.

He is available in the store for 699 diamonds. However, his ability is not worth the money as he marks only one mushroom surrounding the map, with a long cooldown of 180 seconds. Hence, equipping a pet for one single mushroom at a time is not worth it.

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#2 - Kitty


Kitty is one of the two pets in Free Fire without any ability. It costs 299 diamonds, but is not beneficial when it comes to usability.

Players unlock kitty just for the sake of having a pet in the game. Hence, unlocking it is not recommended.

#3 - Mechanical pup


Mechanical pup is also a pet known for its actions, or pet emotes. It offers five actions that can be displayed in both lobbies as well as on the ground.

It also offers a skin called a Lightning Pup. This pet is also available for 299 diamonds, but is not a value for money deal if a player is looking for a suitable pet with unique abilities.

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Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the writer's individual opinion, and players are free to have their own choices and prioritization.

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