5 best drop locations for early loot and less fight in Free Fire

Drop at these locations for a safe early game and good loot (Image via Garena Free Fire)
Drop at these locations for a safe early game and good loot (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Although Free Fire is a Battle Royale game, not every player wants to land into a fight straightaway. Many passive players enjoy looting and a bit of exploration before getting ready to fight other players.

While there are no safe zones per se, there are safe locations where players can land. Landing in a safe location will help players avoid enemies, which will enable them to loot without tension.

With that being said, here are a few drop locations in Free Fire for players who want good early game loot without the hassle of having to fight enemy players at the beginning of the match.


Top 5 drop locations for early loot and fewer fights in Free Fire

5) Rim Nam Village (Bermuda)

Located on the bottom left of the Bermuda map, Rim Nam Village is one of the most isolated places in Free Fire. Players seldom land at that location, which makes it ideal for players looking to play passively.

While the loot isn't really that great, players will get a decent headstart and, once geared up, can move inward towards Hanger. Players looking for kills can choose to move towards Clock Tower.


4) Sentosa (Bermuda)

Located on the bottom right of the Bermuda Map, like Rim Nam Village, this location is isolated and safe. Players who land here are bound to find good loot and can rotate with ease if needed.

In addition to being safe, players shouldn't encounter any opponents after the landing phase ends, as rotating backward to Sentosa is not something enemy players would likely do.


3) Shrines (Kalahari)

Shrines is a wonderful place to land while playing on the Kalahari map in Free Fire. Despite it being located between Old Hampton and Council Hall, players who land here shouldn't face any problems from additional enemies once the landing phase ends.

Players can easily find basic loot here and then rotate using the bridge to push towards the center or towards the Bayfront and secure more loot. Additionally, players can even set up an ambush spot for enemies rotating through the area.


2) Moathouse (Purgatory)

Moathouse is the most secluded drop location in Free Fire. It is located on the extreme northern side of the Purgatory map and is surrounded by water. It's a great place for players who want to avoid early game fights.

While the loot is good, players may have to rotate as soon as the area falls out of the safe zone. Waiting too long to rotate from here will be a bad decision and lead to a quick elimination.


1) Lumber Mill (Purgatory)

Although not as isolated as Moathouse, the drop location known as Lumber Mill is a great place in Free Fire to land for looting, passive early games, and easy rotation. The area even offers easy access to the mainland via a nearby bridge.

The only issue with landing here will be that players who have landed at Central or Fire Brigade may rotate through this location to reach Forge. However, with that being said, players can easily set up a defensive zone and fight back enemies who try to approach.


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