5 best Free Fire pets to pair with active characters

Pets are very important in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Pets are very important in Garena Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

As with characters in Free Fire, pets have become a fascinating component of the game due to their unique skills. Users have been adding new ones regularly, and most of them can be acquired directly from the in-game store.

Users often look for the ideal pets to pair with their characters to get the best possible performance out of both of them. Here is a list of the top five companions to use with active ability characters.


Note: Choice of pet varies from user to user, and this list represents the writer’s opinion.

Best pets in Free Fire to pair with active ability characters

5) Dreki

Dreki (Image via Free Fire)
Dreki (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Dragon Glare

Dreki is a decent choice for users who are willing to acquire pets in Free Fire. It can be purchased for around 699 diamonds and has the “Dragon Glare” skill.

Using it, players will be able to spot one foe using Med Kits in a range of 10 meters, lasting for three seconds. As the skill improves upon leveling up, the number of enemies will rise to four, the range will increase to 30 meters, and the duration will surge to five seconds.

4) Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)
Mr. Waggor (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Smooth Gloo

Mr. Waggor provides excellent utility in Free Fire, as it has the skill – Smooth Gloo — which automatically generates Gloo Walls under specific circumstances.

When the user does not have any Gloo Wall grenades, the pet will generate one every 120 seconds. Meanwhile, after reaching level three, if a player has fewer than two Gloo Walls, Mr. Waggor will produce one every 100 seconds.

3) Detective Panda

Detective Panda (Image via Free Fire)
Detective Panda (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Panda’s Blessings

Detective Panda is picked mainly by those users who prefer to play aggressively in the quick-paced battle royale title.

All those who have this pet will be restoring four health points after attaining each skill. The exact number will increase to 10 once Detective Panda reaches its max potential.

2) Ottero

Ottero (Image via Free Fire)
Ottero (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Double Blubber

Ottero comes in second place on this list and is a fantastic companion for K and A124, both of whom demand EP. It’s also an excellent option in general because “Double Blubber” is considered among the best pet skills in the game.

If users have Ottero equipped, they will receive EP while using Treatment Pistol or Med Kit. The amount they gain is 35% of HP at the base level, rising to 65% at the highest.

1) Rockie

Rockie (Image via Free Fire)
Rockie (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Stay Chill

Rockie remains the best option for players to pair alongside characters possessing active abilities. This is because the “Stay Chill” skill of the pet reduces the cooldown time of the equipped ones by a total of 6%.

With the level rise, the percentage rises to 15%, significantly lessening the cooldown duration of the active abilities.

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