5 best guns for solo vs squad fights in Free Fire MAX

Most suited guns for solo vs squad in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)
Most suited guns for solo vs squad in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

There are specified categories of firearms in Garena Free Fire MAX that suit different fighting strategies over distinct ranges. One can use snipers to ward off faraway threats, while shotguns come in handy for a closer foe.

However, when it comes to playing solo against the squad, the choice of weapons becomes far trickier. Players now have to engage in a direct fight with four-member teams without any backup.

Therefore, the primary weapon choice becomes much more important, and players should keep factors like ammo capacity, firing rate, range, weapon movement, etc., in mind.

Solo versus squad: A list of suitable Free Fire MAX guns

A player can carry two primary weapons simultaneously, with pistols being available for a secondary weapon slot. Among the two primary guns, most have one first choice weapon, which they use predominantly during a match and switch to the second weapon in a specific situation.

Following is the list of the suitable weapons for the first choice slot, especially for beginners in Free Fire MAX:

1) Groza

Groza (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Groza (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 61
  • Rate of Fire - 58
  • Range - 77
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 30
  • Accuracy - 52
  • Movement Speed - 58
  • Armor Penetration - 0

Groza is a weapon that players can acquire through airdrops in Free Fire MAX and, therefore, can be considered the rarest Assault Rifle of the game. It is also arguably the most potent AR of Free Fire MAX.

Groza outperforms most other ARs with a rapid firing rate, deadlier damage rating, and an extraordinary range.

It can be further modified with magazine and scope attachments. Hence, the popular AR is an excellent option for the first choice weapon slot for solo versus squad. Players should look for a sniper companion for Groza once they have acquired it in a Free Fire MAX match.

2) AUG

AUG (Image via Free Fire MAX)
AUG (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 56
  • Rate of Fire - 61
  • Range - 56
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 35
  • Accuracy - 35
  • Movement Speed - 50
  • Armor Penetration - 0

Unlike Groza, AUG is among the weapons that spawn on the ground but are primarily available at hot drops. Therefore, it is also a rare gun in comparison to other ARs in Free Fire MAX.

It performs brilliantly at close range with a decent firing rate and sufficient damage rating. AUG comes with a pre-applied 2x scope that is a plus point at medium range for players who prefer ADS (aim down sights).

However, with an increase in range, the weapon becomes unstable and practically inoperable at longer distances. Nonetheless, AUG is still a good option for the solo vs squad.

Players should acquire a sniper for a decent AUG combination and also look for suitable weapon equipment.

3) M249

M249 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
M249 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 57
  • Rate of Fire - 59
  • Range - 79
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 100
  • Accuracy - 67
  • Movement Speed - 58
  • Armor Penetration - 0

M249 is another airdrop gun that has made it to this list due to its overpowering performance and mammoth magazine capacity. Players can take out a full-strength squad in one go, provided they have decent in-game skills.

The LMG class weapon is the best gun for medium distance fights but is not so extraordinary for the closer ranged scuffles if players don't show good movement. Therefore, one should couple M249 with any SMG to maintain balance in their gun combination.

4) MAG-7

MAG-7 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
MAG-7 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 89
  • Rate of Fire - 53
  • Range - 15
  • Reload Speed - 55
  • Magazine - 8
  • Accuracy - 17
  • Movement Speed - 60
  • Armor Penetration - 0

Players can finish off the enemies with one or two shots in Free Fire MAX using a Shotgun. MAG-7 is the easiest SG to handle because of movement speed and high fire rate; therefore, even newbies can master it.

Players should remember that MAG-7 is suitable for those who believe in their rush playstyle. Hence, it is probably the best weapon to finish off a four-member team, provided users get their shots on target.

They can use any decent AR like Parafal in the gun combination, with MAG-7 being the first choice gun.

5) P90

P90 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
P90 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 49
  • Rate of Fire - 76
  • Range - 27
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 50
  • Accuracy - 44
  • Movement Speed - 63
  • Armor Penetration - 0

P90 has the lowest damage rating among all the weapons in this list, but its high rate of fire and large ammunition capacity compensates for that. It is an underrated SMG that is enough to take on multiple enemies in Free Fire MAX.

Therefore, P90 is a go-to weapon for solo versus squad matches solely due to its overpowering performance in closer ranges. However, to enhance the long-range capabilities of the gun combination, players can consider any AR with a good range.

With a myriad of weapons available in Free Fire MAX, players are spoilt for choices. However, they must be prudent in their selections. Assessing these weapons is key.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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