5 best items to buy using diamonds in Garena Free Fire this month

Items to purchase using diamonds (Image via ff.garena.com)
Items to purchase using diamonds (Image via ff.garena.com)

The in-game currency in Garena Free Fire is called diamonds, which is generally used as a means of obtaining the most exclusive items. Players can acquire things like characters, pets, and more using them.

In addition, diamonds have to be purchased with real money, thereby making them quite valuable. As a consequence, players are required to make use of diamonds wisely to maximize their value.

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Best Free Fire items that the players can purchase using diamonds

1) Characters

Characters in Free Fire
Characters in Free Fire

It is fair to say that characters play a crucial role in Free Fire. The game features around 40 different ones, each of which boasts a unique ability affecting the overall gameplay.

Therefore, purchasing characters using diamonds is a great option. However, players must not spend them on characters that can be acquired using gold.

It can be noted that they are sometimes available in events at a lower rate, and users can wait for them as well.

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2) Elite Pass

Diamonds can also be spent on the Elite Pass
Diamonds can also be spent on the Elite Pass

Investing in the Elite Pass can also be a perfect choice for the users. Tier-based reward systems offer a wide range of special rewards in the form of skins, bundles, and more. To progress through the pass, players need to collect badges by completing missions.

There are two variants available: Elite Pass and Elite Upgrade, which players can obtain for 499 diamonds and 999 diamonds, respectively.

3) Crates

Crates in Free Fire
Crates in Free Fire

Free Fire offers players quite a few different types of crates that they can use to get items such as bundles, skins, and much more. Most of them cost 25 diamonds in the in-game store, whereas a few are priced at 40 diamonds.

Note: Rewards are not guaranteed.

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4) Pets

Pets in Free Fire
Pets in Free Fire

The pets have a significant impact on the gameplay, like the characters, due to their skills. The most recent addition to the list of pets in Free Fire was Moony.

They are priced at 699 diamonds, so players can consider spending diamonds on them. There are occasions when some are available for fewer diamonds, and waiting for them might be better.

5) Luck Royale


Players can buy spins in Diamond Royale, Weapon Royale, and Incubator present in the game. However, players will not be receiving the grand prize with a definite number of spins.

The Faded Wheel is another option where the in-game currency can be spent as users are guaranteed to receive the grand prize within a particular number of spins. However, their costs subsequently increase. The present one features the AWM - Furinkazan, and sports car skin.

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