5 best legendary Free Fire emotes released in events so far

Top five legendary emotes to have ever released via events (Image via Sportskeeda)
Top five legendary emotes to have ever released via events (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena Free Fire has received massive popularity due to its array of collectibles. These collectibles include potent characters, costume bundles, adorable pets, item skins, and emotes. Thus, players can use different items for customization in Free Fire and its MAX variant.

Players usually use specific skins and outfits to create their designs and combinations. However, emotes provide boast-worthy animation and don't require any customization. Thus, players can equip and show off any of their desired emotes on the battlefield with just one click.

Legendary emotes, as the name suggests, feature true to-life animations and VFX. Thus, they are usually pretty attractive but harder to obtain. Most of the time, one can acquire legendary emotes via special events, be it collaborations, top-ups, or any other themed alternative in Free Fire.

Note: Collecting different items in Free Fire usually costs hefty amounts of diamonds. Thus, players who can afford to spend such an amount of in-game currency should go for the purchase.

Garena Free Fire: Listing the best legendary emotes in the game to have been released via events

1) Mythos Four



"The might of the Mythos Four"

Animation: The character shatters a rock using a sword, leading to the emergence of four holograms with mystical appeal.

Mythos Four was among the daily login rewards in "Rampage Pass (7 days)" in June 2021 and later returned to the game as part of the major rewards prize pool in the Emote Party 2021.

Due to its impressive animation and VFX, Mythos Four has been among the coolest collectibles in the game.

2) Eat my Dust



"Come see my new ride."

Animation: The character sits on the bouncing bonnet of his/her golden-red sports car while flexing the same.

The sole purpose of emotes is to flaunt them in front of enemies and teammates on the battlefield or in waiting lobbies, and Eat My Dust fits the bill for the boast-worthy emote perfectly.

It was seen for the first time in the game via the "Graffiti Top Up" event (February 2020), which was listed as a 500-diamond top-up reward.

3) Flowers of Love



"Make love, not war."

Animation: The emote shows a character holding a rose and going down on one knee to emulate the gesture of proposal.

Flowers of Love, aka the Rose emote, was first seen in the game via a top-up event to commemorate Valentine's Day in February 2019. The 500-diamond top-up reward has become famous in no time and has returned to the game on several occasions.

4) Ground Punch



"Is that an earthquake?"

Animation: The character charges his fist before dropping a mighty punch onto the ground, followed by Cobra-themed special effects.

In February 2022, players witnessed various cobra-themed events and items in Free Fire, including "Cobra Top Up II", which brought Ground Punch as a 500-diamond reward.

After its initial removal, the legendary emote returned to the game like Mythos Four via Emote Party 2021.

5) Obliteration



"Some hero taught me this move."

Animation: The character executes the iconic punch of Saitama (protagonist of One Punch Man).

The One Punch Man-themed emote arrived in the game in January 2021, courtesy of the OP-Man collaboration. It was available for purchase in the store with a price tag of 599 diamonds in the store for a limited period during the collaboration.

Disclaimer: This list is not in any order and solely reflects the author's opinions. Free Fire is banned in the Indian region as of February 2022, so users should install its MAX variant to access their player IDs.

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