5 best SMGs for close-ranged fights in Free Fire MAX

The best SMGs for short-ranged fights (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best SMGs for short-ranged fights (Image via Sportskeeda)

The close-ranged fights are the toughest ones in a shooter game, and Garena Free Fire MAX is no different. Good command of in-game movement and a decent short-range weapon is a must in close-distance fights.

The shotguns and submachine guns are the best firearm classes in Free Fire MAX for short distant scuffles. SGs need a bit of expertise and control over movement, while SMGs are easy to master.

Therefore, SMGs are a go-to weapon for newbies for a close-ranged fight in Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire MAX: Top five submachine guns for close-ranged fights

Here's a list of the five best SMGs that some handy in short distance fights:

5) MP40

MP40 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
MP40 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 48
  • Rate of Fire - 83
  • Range - 22
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 20
  • Accuracy - 17
  • Movement Speed - 63

MP40 is nearly ineffective in medium-ranged fights due to its low range but has excellent application in short distant battles. A decent damage rating and high firing rate make MP40 formidable in close fields.

However, the low accuracy and magazine capacity may lead to players' downfall in Free Fire MAX.

4) P90

P90 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
P90 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 49
  • Rate of Fire - 76
  • Range - 27
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 50
  • Accuracy - 44
  • Movement Speed - 63

P90 is a pretty accurate weapon in comparison to MP40 and therefore gives better results in most of the fights. Its mammoth magazine capacity and decent fire rate are other plus points for the gun in short-ranged battles.

However, despite having a quick rate of fire, P90 is slower than most other weapons on this list, and hence, it may take slightly more time to finish off the enemies in Free Fire MAX.

3) Thompson

Thompson (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Thompson (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 50
  • Rate of Fire - 77
  • Range - 33
  • Reload Speed - 48
  • Magazine - 42
  • Accuracy - 42
  • Movement Speed - 64

Except for the magazine capacity and accuracy, Thompson seems like an upgrade of P90 in terms of stats. It has slightly better damage, fire rate, range, and movement speed.

Therefore, in Free Fire MAX, Thompson is a good option for an SMG in close-ranged fights. However, there are better weapons available in the armory on which players should keep their eyes.

2) Vector

Vector (Image via Free Fire MAX)
Vector (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 47
  • Rate of Fire - 81
  • Range - 32
  • Reload Speed - 41
  • Magazine - 25
  • Accuracy - 61
  • Movement Speed - 69

Vector is pretty accurate within its range with a greater rate of fire. Despite having a low magazine capacity, players should use Vector because of the Akimbo style. They can don two vectors simultaneously, making it a double attack on foes.

Although Vector is an excellent weapon for close-ranged fights, it is the relatively low reload speed of the SMG sometimes becomes a headache for gamers during a battle.

1) MP5

MP5 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
MP5 (Image via Free Fire MAX)
  • Damage - 48
  • Rate of Fire - 76
  • Range - 41
  • Reload Speed - 77
  • Magazine - 48
  • Accuracy - 54
  • Movement Speed - 66

MP5 is arguably the best SMG in Free Fire MAX due to its versatility of performance. It's operable at a medium-range while being overpowered at shorter distances.

MP5 is a quickfire SMG but has a low firing rate compared to other weapons on this list, but its insane reloading speed and tremendous ammo capacity make it the queen of the SMG class at any range.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar
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