5 rarest Free Fire MAX emotes released in 2022

The rarest emotes that Garena has introduced in Free Fire MAX in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
The rarest emotes that Garena has introduced in Free Fire MAX in 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Garena Free Fire MAX is equally as famous for its impressive collectibles as it is for its gameplay. Events have been an integral part of Garena's BR shooter, as they bring a plethora of items for players; these items can even be acquired free of cost.

Emotes are among the fan-favorite items in Free Fire MAX that players often look forward to getting and using. Thus, developers frequently release new emotes via special events. Most of the emotes, legendary or regular, that arrive in Free Fire and its MAX variant become rare after their removal.

An array of items, including emotes, were introduced in the game in 2022. And the following list will include the five rarest emotes that made it into Free Fire MAX this year.

List of the rarest emotes to arrive in Garena Free Fire MAX in 2022

1) Rock Paper Scissors - Emote Party


The first-ever interactive emote associated with FF, Rock Paper Scissors, was introduced through the 'Emote Party' event in January 2022. The emote allowed users to perform a unique action. And players who own the Rock Paper Scissors emote can play the popular game of the same name with friends in FF MAX.

2) Burnt BBQ - Squad Beatz Top-Up II


The second top-up event from the Squad Beatz series brought the Burnt BBQ emote. The legendary-level collectible showcased a funny animation in which the in-game character burns the meal they're seemingly cooking. This emote was available in the game as a 500-diamond top-up reward.

3) Leap of Fail - Assassin's Creed Top-Up II


Assassin's Creed's special edition emote, Leap of Fail, is the next entry on the list. It was available during the second top-up event featuring the collaboration between Assasin's Creed and Free Fire/FF MAX.

Available for free after a purchase of 500 diamonds, Leap of Fail is another fun emote that depicts the failed attempt of the in-game character to execute a free fall.

4) Winner Throw - BTS Top-Up


The BTS collaboration was among the most ambitious events in recent times. The rewards featured in the collaborative events were special edition accessories, and one of them was the Winner Throw emote.

The BTS-themed emote replicated the trademark dance moves of the wildly popular boy band. Players were able to acquire it after purchasing 300 diamonds in Free Fire MAX's BTS top-up event.

5) Booyah Sparks - Ramadan Top-Up


The last emote on this list is Booyah Sparks, one of the most recent additions to the game. Developers introduced the legendary emote during a top-up event from the Ramadan 2022 series.

The emote sees the character using Sparkler to light-up three lamps and make a 'Booyah' in the air. Booyah Sparks was obtainable after players bought 500 diamonds.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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