Free Fire character DJ Alok: Abilities, character set and more

Free Fire character DJ Alok
Free Fire character DJ Alok
Aniket Thakkar

All the characters in Free Fire, expect Adam and Eve, have special abilities that aid the players in getting the Booyah! Their usefulness is such that these characters have now become an integral part of the game. Luqueta is the newest character to have arrived in the game, with the OB23 update.

DJ Alok is one of the most preferred characters in the game courtesy his ability: Drop the Beat. In this article, we discuss him, his skills, character set, and how players can purchase this character in Free Fire.

DJ Alok character in Free Fire: Abilities, character sets and more

As mentioned earlier, the ability of DJ Alok is Drop the Beat. Using it creates a 5m aura, which increases ally movement speed by 10% and replenishes 5 HP for 5 seconds. There are eight levels of the character, and on each level, the ability enhances. At the maximum level, it creates a 5m aura that increases the ally movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP for 10 seconds. This character lets the players be quite aggressively.

There is one character set for DJ Alok that players can avail, called Beat Composer set.

Alok's character set - Beat the Composer
Alok's character set - Beat the Composer

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How to purchase DJ Alok in Free Fire

To purchase the character, players have to spend 599 diamonds. Here’s how they can purchase DJ Alok in Free Fire.

Step 1: Open the game, and on the main screen, click the Store icon.

Click on the store icon
Click on the store icon

Step 2: The store opens, and click on the ‘Character’ tab.

Click on the Purchase button
Click on the purchase button

Step 3: The list of characters appears, scroll down and find Alok.

Step 4: Click on the purchase button. A pop up appears, prompting players to confirm the purchase.

After doing so, the users will be able to equip the character from the loadout.

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