Free Fire Diamonds Hack are fake, here's why

Are diamond generators legitimate or fake? (Image via Garena)
Are diamond generators legitimate or fake? (Image via Garena)

Diamonds in Garena Free Fire is an essential feature as they allow users to unlock several items in the game. Players can acquire collectibles like item skins, characters, pets, and more using diamonds. Moreover, the Free Fire currency is also helpful in in-game events.

Hence, the demand for diamonds is relatively high, and many players spend a lot of money on the same. Some users cannot afford to top-up the diamonds, and therefore, they often search for ways to get the Free Fire currency at no cost and end up using diamond hacks.

However, these diamond hacks and generators are fake, and readers should not skip the following section if they want to know more about them.

Diamond hacks in Free Fire: Why they are fake and illegitimate


Players often come across some lucrative diamond generators that feature keywords like "100% Working," "Generate 100,000 diamonds," "Get free diamonds," and many more.

However, diamond hacks don't work in real life, and even if there is a slim chance that they are legit (hypothetically), players cannot use them due to Garena's anti-hack policy.


Since these diamond hacks tend to modify the game client, they directly breach Garena's policies regarding fair gameplay and bans. Thus, if a user employs any diamond generator/hack, this will lead to the suspension of their accounts.

The Ban Notice stresses the points that lead to account suspensions (Image via Garena)
The Ban Notice stresses the points that lead to account suspensions (Image via Garena)

Moreover, Garena's ban further ensures that the device that players use will also be barred from utilizing another account. The answer given by Garena on the game's anti-cheat FAQ states:

β€œFree Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against cheating. We will permanently ban their accounts used for cheating. Devices used for cheating will also be banned from playing Free Fire again using any other accounts.”

Since diamond hacks are bogus, they won't help players earn any in-game currency. However, they pose a threat to the users' sensitive data and can harm them in many ways. Therefore, players are advised to stay away from any diamond generators.

Apart from the diamond hack, players should also keep a safe distance from the following hacks:

  • Wall hack
  • Speed hack
  • Recoil hackJump hack
  • Headshot hack (aimbot)
  • Ammo hack
  • Unlimited gloo wall hack

Gamers should report any other user with suspicious activity to keep the gaming environment free of hackers.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar


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