Garena Free Fire Hacks: List of cheats that can get your in-game IDs banned

Hacks that players should avoid using in Free Fire (Image via Garena)
Hacks that players should avoid using in Free Fire (Image via Garena)

Garena Free Fire has received heaps of love from fans time and again due to the engaging and immersive features developers add to the game. The new additions often increase the in-game stakes while making Free Fire tough to conquer.

Apart from the system optimizations, Garena also introduces new items regularly. The popular demand for such in-game things as character abilities, outfits, pets, item skins, and many more also consistently rises.

Therefore, some players who desire to acquire such premium items and dominate other users in Free Fire use unfair means to make progress. These unjust methods are termed hacks and categorized as offenses leading to bans.

Free Fire: The hacks that players should avoid the in-game bans

There are many hacks that players often come across in the game, and a report can lead to a permanent ban on the player IDs. Some of the most popular hacks that players can avoid are given below:

Diamond hack


Some applications or mods are available in the public domain that promise free diamonds to Free Fire users. Many users who cannot afford to purchase diamonds end up using such hacks—these hacks top-up accounts with unlimited coins.

Wall hack


A wall hack allows the hackers to spot and shoot at the players through rigid walls. Hackers can even pass through walls without any fuss. The wall hacks are pretty unfair to any player who seeks fair competition.

Automatic aim (aim hack)


Hackers sometimes use modified Free Fire apps to set the aim in a match to automatic settings. The hack is also known as aimbot or aim hack and often results in getting automatic headshots.

Aimbot has further variations, which players use to decrease the risk of getting caught. These variations can be used to customize the automatic aim from the head to anything else.

Speed and Jump hacks


Many players often encounter enemies with insanely enhanced jumping skills that feature jumps with heights of more than one floor. The chances are 100% that such opponents are using jump hacks to get the unfair tactical edge.

Speed hack is another cheating method that players use in Free Fire to abnormally enhance their movement and sprinting velocity. These speed hacks often make hackers tough to aim at due to their insane rates.

Apart from these hacks, hackers employ various other cheating methods to win games in Free Fire. However, players who use such practices must be wary of Garena's anti-cheat systems. The bans on the player IDs are permanent, and players will also be locked out of the game on their devices forever.

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Edited by Yasho Amonkar