Free Fire Emote party event: How to get legendary emotes this week

Emote Party event is now underway in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Emote Party event is now underway in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
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Emotes are one of the most expensive items in Garena Free Fire, and players frequently go out with their wallets open, willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of diamonds to obtain them. Often the exclusive or legendary ones are even more expensive.

Sometimes players do not have enough diamonds and wait for events to get their favorite discount at an affordable rate. Fortunately for them, Garena has recently reintroduced the Emote Party event in Free Fire, which essentially offers users the opportunity to attain exclusive emotes.

Legendary emote in Free Fire


The Emote Party event started on October 27, 2021, and will run till November 2, 2021. The event features a total of 27 emotes, as well as additional items such as vouchers and weapon loot crates, which are classified into two categories of items - Grand Prizes and Normal Prizes.

In total, there are five legendary emotes up for grabs including Stage Time, Biker, Ground Punch, Mythos Four, and More Practice.

During this event, gamers have the opportunity to obtain a variety of emotes for a reduced rate. Players may obtain the prizes in two ways: Normal Draw, which costs 19 diamonds, and Super Draw, which costs 199 diamonds. The latter, on the other hand, ensures users an emote as a reward.

Emote Party event offers various rewards (Image via Free Fire)
Emote Party event offers various rewards (Image via Free Fire)

Furthermore, on the 5th Super Draw, users are guaranteed to receive the Stage Time emote. As a result, players will receive a total of five emotes for 900 diamonds. Furthermore, they are entitled to receive a legendary emote with every fifth successive Super Draw if they do not already have one.

Since the first spins for both are available at a 50% discount, players can get an emote for 99 diamonds, which would cost them 199 diamonds and above in the store. However, in case they already have the emote, it will be converted to FF Tokens.

Prize Pool

The exact prize pool for the Emote Party event in Free Fire is given below:

Grand Prizes

Stage Time
The Biker
Ground Punch
Mythos Four
More Practice

Normal Prizes

Bring it on!Moon FlipShake with MeWeapon Royale VoucherScan
BhangraDeath GlareBaby SharkHellfire M4A1 Crate50x Universal Fragment
Fancy HandsParty DanceHello!TRAP Famas CratePet Food
Challenge On!Dangerous GameApplauseBumblebee Gun CrateGold Royale Voucher
One-Finger Push upProvokeDabDigital Invasion Gun CrateResupply Map
ThreatenKongfuArm WaveRed Samurai Gun Crate
The VictorWiggle WalkCube FragmentShark Attack Gun Crate
SII!Shake it UpDiamond Royal VoucherPink Devil Gun Crate

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