Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds no human verification: All you need to know

Free Fire unlimited diamonds no human verification (Picture Courtesy:
Free Fire unlimited diamonds no human verification (Picture Courtesy:
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Nishant Thakkar

Every player in Free Fire desires to get various skins, characters and emotes in the game. These items look attractive and appealing, but are of no particular use. The players are required to spend Diamonds to obtain most of these items.

Buying Diamonds using real money is not a viable option for many Free Fire players. Hence, they seek alternative ways to get the exclusive in-game currency. Several videos claim to provide the players with a way to get unlimited Diamonds, via third-party tools.

Most of these websites require bogus human verification and several players wonder if they actually work.

Legitimacy of Free Fire unlimited Diamonds tool

Free Fire Diamond Generator
Free Fire Diamond Generator

There is no way to get unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire. Since it is a server-based game, all the data regarding currencies is stored on the server. Thus, the only legit way to get Diamonds in the game is by purchasing them.

Most of the websites that claim to provide the players with unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire usually flood the screen with bogus ads and are illegal. On top of that, several sites also require the players to enter their account details. Hence, there might be a risk of losing the account. Even though some websites may claim to provide Free Diamonds without human verification, they don't work.

Players are recommended to never use these tools as they are fake and illegal. The ramifications of using such tools are clearly stated in the policy, and the users will themselves be responsible for all the repercussions. Garena has a stringent policy against any form of cheating, and use of such tools can be considered as cheating.

There have been no reports of players getting banned for any such offence. However, it is better to keep the account safe and avoid such tricks.

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Edited by Utkarsh Rampal
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