Free Firedl download APK: All you need to know

Free Firedl Download APK (Image Credit:
Free Firedl Download APK (Image Credit:

Free Fire, like any other battle royale game, is very competitive. The players desire to reach the highest tier, i.e. 'The Grandmaster'. However, reaching the pinnacle of the game requires daily grinding and a lot of efforts.

Many players look for shortcuts to reach the very top and come across several modded applications. Despite knowing about the repercussions of using such mods, they succumb to their desires and fall prey to these applications. In this article, we discuss about the consequences of using such mods.

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Free Firedl Download APK: All you need to know

Free Firedl is the modified version of the game client that allegedly provides the players with several illicit features such as aimbot, ESP, auto-aim, skins mod and so forth. It is a form of hack, the use of which; will lead to a permanent ban.

Several websites claim that their version of the mod has an anti-ban feature. However, there is nothing such as anti-ban, and Garena bans players every day.

Anti-hack FAQ (Image Courtesy:
Anti-hack FAQ (Image Courtesy:

According to the 'ANTI-HACK FAQ' present on the official website of Garena Free Fire, the use of any third-party tools is prohibited. Modifying the game client or using a modified game client is considered as cheating.

Once the anti-cheat system catches the players, they will be suspended from the game. Free Fire has a zero-tolerance policy against any form of cheating, and the players will not be given a chance to appeal against their ban. Also, they have stated that they will be banning the devices that are used for cheating.


The use of any mods, scripts or third-party application is not allowed and not recommended. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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