List of all Free Fire Advance Servers released in 2022

2022 brought two Advance Servers for Free Fire OB updates (Image via Garena)
2022 brought two Advance Servers for Free Fire OB updates (Image via Garena)

"Advance Server" is a specific test server program by Garena for its flagship battle royale title, Free Fire. The time-limited testing phase allows players to join the server and get a sneak peek at the game's unreleased content, which may or may not make it to the game via an upcoming patch update.

The sole purpose of Garena Free Fire's Advance Server program is to receive user feedback and improve upon the game. Players can try out new features, provide their views, and potentially find bugs or glitches in the Advance Server APK. Furthermore, these reports help developers optimize unreleased content for the upcoming patch update.

Each Free Fire OB update welcomes an Advance Server a few days before the final release date. In 2022, players saw two Advance Servers, OB32 and OB33, launched in January and March, respectively. The following section will provide more details about the 2022 Advance Servers.

Free Fire: Advance Server programs that Garena introduced in 2022

As mentioned before, Garena has rolled out two OB updates in 2022 in January and March. Fans were able to witness the following Advance Servers this year:

1) OB32 Advance Server


Duration: January 6 to January 13 (Seven days)

The features that were a part of OB32 Advance Server are given as follows:

  • New pet: Flash -- Helps users decrease damage from behind by 10% upto 100 points (CD: 150 seconds).
  • New weapon: Charge Buster (Shotgun) -- Allows users to fire after charging the gun to a certain point.
  • New blue zone effects
  • M1187-X with three bullets
  • Alpine map for Clash Squad mode
  • Outfit slots for switching between pre-selected cosmetic/costume sets.
  • UI changes in multiple sections

There were many other minimal optimizations fans saw in the OB32 Advance Server. Many of the teased features made it into the final update on January 19, 2022, while the others were left out.

2) OB33 Advance Server


Duration: March 10 to March 17 (Seven days)

Garena introduced the following features in the OB33 Advance Server:

  • A mysterious character which later turned out to be Kenta. He provided a holographic shield to reduce frontal damage.
  • Two new weapons in the AR category -- F2000 and G36.
  • New mode: Zombie Invasion -- Showcased zombies in an optimized Bermuda map.
  • Credit System to maintain a positive gaming environment in Free Fire.
  • LINK feature to acquire characters for free.
  • New pet: Zasil -- Helped users enhance their luck of collecting equipment in a match.

There were various other adjustments in the UI for various sections, just like for the OB32 Advance Server. Plenty of features listed in the OB33 Advance Server made it into the game via the actual update on March 23, 2022.

The next update is expected to arrive around May 24, 2022. Thus, users can expect the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server to arrive in the second or third week of May 2022.

The Activation Code allows access to the Advance Server (Image via Garena)
The Activation Code allows access to the Advance Server (Image via Garena)

Players will be able to access the upcoming Advance Server via the program's official website created by Garena. Players will be able to log in via their Facebook or Google accounts, and will need to fill out their contact information to get the activation code.

Garena only allows a certain number of players to join the Free Fire Advance Server program. Thus, players will have to be quick whenever news of the OB34 Advance Server arrives.

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