Megalodon Alpha Scar gun skin in Free Fire: All you need to know

Image via Free Fire / YouTube
Image via Free Fire / YouTube

Free Fire provides a vast arsenal of weapons to players. Each firearm features numerous gun skins, with many buffing certain attributes of the gun, undoubtedly influencing users’ gameplay.

The developers of the fast-paced title recently introduced the Megalodon Alpha Scar, the ‘Evo Gun’ skin in the game. This article provides details about this recently-added cosmetic.

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Megalodon Alpha Scar in Free Fire


Megalodon Scar in Free Fire
Megalodon Scar in Free Fire

As with the Blue Flame Draco, this new Scar skin features eight privileges:

  • New Look
  • Hit Effect
  • Firing Effect
  • Kill Effect
  • Exclusive Emote which is called Feeding Time
  • Kill Announcement
  • Upgrade Attributes
  • Unlock Abilities

How to unlock these privileges?

Each privilege gets unlocked at different levels of the gun. Players need Shark Tooth (Scar) tokens to evolve this Scar skin after obtaining it. They can acquire these tokens from the events or directly purchase them from the in-game store using diamonds.


How to get Megalodon Alpha Scar in Free Fire

A poster for the new skin
A poster for the new skin

The Megalodon Alpha Scar is part of the Faded Wheel, which runs between January 3rd, 2021 and January 31st, 2021. There are ten prizes, and users have to any remove two that they do not want.

The rewards that they obtain wouldn’t be repeated. However, each spin’s price would increase subsequently. They can obtain the skin for 962 diamonds or less. Here are the steps that players can follow to access the Faded Wheel in Free Fire:

Step 1: They can open Garena Free Fire and press the ‘Luck Royale’ option on the lobby screen’s left side.

Step 2: Next, users have to tap the ‘Faded Wheel’ option.

Tap the Faded Wheel option
Tap the Faded Wheel option

Step 3: Lastly, they can remove the two undesired rewards and click the spin option.

Press the Spin option
Press the Spin option

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