“There’s always something interesting to explore in the industry, being a gaming content creator”: Ankit, aka Alpha Gaming

Gaming content creator Ankit, aka Alpha Gaming, discusses his journey and much more
Gaming content creator Ankit, aka Alpha Gaming, discusses his journey and much more
Yukti Gogia

The gaming industry is booming at a high rate, and a diversified variety of content can be seen emerging in gaming every day. Gaming, which initially started with pro gameplay videos, also began to incorporate unique content like funny commentary on gameplay followed by tips and tricks, movie-based content, information about upcoming updates, events, and special codes.

While exploring the video world of gaming, it’s visible that Free Fire gaming creators are experiencing enormous love and support from their viewers.

Sportskeeda got into a conversation with Free Fire content creator Ankit, aka Alpha Gaming, who has a subscriber base of 1.9 million on his YouTube channel.

The Google-owned platform is filled with gameplay videos, so Alpha Gaming focused on providing different and informative game-related content to the audience.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

Q. What inspired you to become a YouTuber?

In 2018, Clash of Clans was one of the most played games, and I was one of its great fans. I loved playing that title a lot.

Gradually I began noticing YouTubers and streamers playing Clash on Clans on their streams, which inspired me to do the same. I did not have a great audience in the initial stages, but I continued to see what the future held for me.

Q. Are there other titles you play other than Free Fire?

In my initial days, when my YouTube channel was at the minimal growth stage, I used to play PUBG, Clash of Clans, etc.

My interest in Free Fire came up after a long time. I decided to make content on the game, and it began catching a massive amount of audiences, and then there was no going back.


Q. We see that most gamers upload gameplay videos, and you choose to take up a different aspect. Why so?

When I started with my YouTube channel, I did realize that lots of channels were focusing on gameplay videos, and I always wanted to take up something different. After researching a lot, I learned that people are interested in knowing details pre and post updates and upcoming events, so I took up the chance to go ahead with different kinds of videos.

Gradually, after experimenting with the content for a long time, my channel started getting recognition and was loved by the viewers.


Q. What was your parent’s reaction when you started with YouTube and when you were pretty famous in the Free Fire community?

I started livestreaming in Class 9, and I was unsure how they would react. Let me tell an interesting story, an incident, I must say. When I received my first payment, I was not sure where the money came from.

Of course, I was a school student then. So my parents thought that I scammed somebody for money. After getting clarification and solving the doubts, we realized it was my first payment through my YouTube channel. Now everything is normal, and I am getting great support from my parents.

Q. What is the one thing in your content journey that always keeps you motivated?

I have been through a lot of ups and downs during my journey. Sometimes, I was on top of my world when my video got views and was loved by the audience.

There were also some days when my videos could not perform well, and at other times, I felt demotivated, but I never stopped trying. I always prayed and hoped that someday my videos would go viral. That’s what motivated me always to move ahead.


Q. Have you ever thought of diversifying your content? If yes, we would like to know about the future content that your fans will be experiencing.

I am working on improving my setup to a better level. I am also planning and working on creating more amazing content that will be a surprise for my viewers.


Q. What are your reviews of the new Free Fire Max? What are the features that you like the most about the game?

Following the hype about Free Fire Max, I had very high expectations. Unfortunately, it did not match my expectations.

I must say, it was a pretty good game in terms of graphics and features, but I prefer to stick to my regular Free Fire account for upcoming content.

Q. What is the one thing you love about being a gaming content creator?

One thing I love about being a content creator is that there is never room for boredom in life. If we talk about other creators, there can be times when we run out of content.

Because the gaming industry is growing every day, there is always new content and new games. Therefore, there is always something interesting to explore in the industry, thanks to being a gaming content creator.


Q. As Free Fire Max has entered the market, do you plan to enter competitive esports?

Right now, I am happy to be a full-time YouTuber and content creator and don’t plan to enter competitive esports. Being an esports athlete requires a lot of time and training, due to which I won’t be able to focus on my content creation.

Then there are the more deserving esports players in India who should get a chance to showcase their skills.

Q. What is the most interesting comment you have got from your fans till now?

There are so many interesting comments I get every day on the YouTube channel and my Instagram DMs. Therefore, I can not stick to just one. I love it when people say they support me and believe my codes and information are reliable.

Q. How do you manage to get the first-hand information and tips required in your gaming videos?

I try to be active on all social media platforms and follow the concerned authorities. Of course, there is a race to compete when getting and publishing the information as early as possible. This is because there are lots of other channels that provide such information. I just try to be different and engaging for my viewers.

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