Free Fire: Gaming Aura Exclusive Interview ft Free Fire vs PUBG teams, income, and future plans

One of the best Free Fire caster in India
One of the best Free Fire caster in India

Gaming Aura, aka Abhishek Singh Bisht, is one of the best Free Fire casters & content creators in the Free Fire gaming community. He has been casting official Free Fire tournaments for a long time. He is also a content creator with 800K+ subscribers on his Youtube channel and is also ever-present on Instagram.

The gaming icon will be turning 21 years old on March 15, 2021. He was born in Uttrakhand but has been living in Delhi since he was a year old.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation that Gaming Aura had with Ajay Assudani.

Free Fire: Gaming Aura Exclusive Interview ft Free Fire vs PUBG teams, income, and future plans

Q. How has the quarantine period been for you so far?

A. This was a very fortunate period for me as I got a lot of opportunities to grow during this time. It was a bit harsh as well as I couldn't get out of my house, but overall it proved to be a good time.

Q. How was the support from your family when you initially started gaming?

A. When I started, I had already told my family to give me one year to focus on YouTube as a content creator. In case I didn't achieve any success, I would be ready to do anything they say like NDA and Army GDC as they had planned for me earlier.

For one year, my family put a lot of trust in me. By the end of the year, I proved myself.

Q. When did you think of being a caster?

A. I always liked being on the stage. Expressing my views to a large audience was always my thing. I had already been on stage many times during my school days.

I was planning on having a website where I could have my blogs, but then I thought of YouTube. I found more potential in it for a good reach.

Eventually, I found out about casting as a separate genre and moved forward with it.

Q. What did you do in your school days?

A. I used to get bullied a lot. It was a mixed experience. I had friends. Some went, and some stayed.

I was the stage boy, so everyone had their attention towards me. I studied in a co-ed school till class 5. I moved to a boys school from class 6, which had its own fun and enjoyment. There was no moment of awkwardness amongst the boys.

I was good at studies, but my mind was always on cultural activities. I used to study out of curiosity, in order to learn something new regardless of grades. I used to get around 60-70 marks.

I got 70% in class 10 and eventually opted for commerce. I wanted to opt for science as I had a keen interest in biology, but seats were full in my school for the particular stream. My father also told me to not change school as it was very far from home. All these circumstances ended up with me taking commerce.

Q. Comparing the esports scene of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, what presence do Indian teams have at the International level?

A. Firstly, both games have a completely different meta. Seeing the PUBG Mobile scene, I get happy when Jonathan, Scout, Team Soul play well. Although I am not able to follow up much, I make it a point to witness the important esports events where teams represent India.

If we talk about esports, Indian teams in both games are at a good stage. If we take the best esports players of Free Fire or PUBG Mobile and ask them to play on a third battle royale like Call of Duty, both of them will take time to adapt to the change.

Although Indian Players in Free Fire have not got a top notch achievement yet, comparing them won't be good as the esports scene in PUBG Mobile was introduced way before Free Fire. There have only been nine months since the Free Fire esports scene in India. I don't think I was even able to walk in nine months.

Q. Any tip that you would like to give to the underdogs who want to enter competitions?

A. I would ask them to focus on their basic gameplay, tactics, and strategies.

For upcoming casters, just grind to your potential, and one day you will get that breakthrough.

One should not enter esports considering the money as the prime factor. Focus on skill and creativity, which in the end will also help you with monetary benefits.

Q. Any change you would like to bring to the Free Fire community?

A. Audiences in Free Fire go after new items and skins. One's focus should be to enjoy the game. If we talk about YouTube, the audience is not able to make a difference between right or wrong. Things will take time, but everything will fall into place soon.

Q. How do you deal with controversies?

A. Basically, I ignore such things. Different people have different opinions. There is no point in getting the approval of everyone. Everyone is correct from their side, having a different approach towards things.

Q. What do you want from your streams?

A. I always try to enjoy my streams. I don't like it when the audience expects gifts from my stream, whether it is new items or skins. I like it when people engage and connect with me.

For example, when I play Minecraft, I get more average watch time. What matters to me is being a Free Fire creator when people watch me playing different games. Watching me play continuously feels like a great achievement.

Q. How do your friends and relatives react to seeing you at this stage?

A. "Log pehle aapko pathar samajhte hai, par badme pata chalta hai aap paras ke pathar ho." It means that people consider you normal until you prove your value. It was the same case with me.

Now, my opinions in the family are given importance. At family get-togethers, I am the center of attention.


Q. What question do fans ask you the most & what is its answer?

A. How much I earn and how I become a caster are the two most asked questions. I have already answered how to become a caster in the above questions.

Talking about earnings, currently, I am at a stage where it depends on me. The more I work, the more I earn. YouTube is just 10% of my income. I obviously can't tell the exact figure, but I earn enough to keep my family happy.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A. There is a saturation point for everything. Milk also gets expired after three days. I am not sure how things will take place in the future.

Currently, I am just enjoying what's going in my life. I don't want to spoil it. Everything will be good in the future with god's grace.

In the next five years, I aim to build my brand. I work a lot from my end. Many people might not know that, but I work very hard.

If I continue in this industry, I should have a proper team to do the tasks with me focusing on the creative side. A proper established setup is what I aim for. If not gaming, I would like to explore the news & media industry.

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